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Which is the Best NCLEX Study Guide?


Nurses are vital to modern healthcare, offering patient care, emotional support, and health education. To ensure they possess the necessary skills, they undergo extensive training. In addition to completing a nursing program, aspiring nurses must pass the NCLEX, a comprehensive exam that evaluates their professional readiness. This crucial step towards obtaining a nursing license demands a thorough preparation with the Best NCLEX Study Guide. What are the most effective strategies for preparing for this challenging exam?

Which is the best NCLEX study guide to help you prepare for this crucial exam? Do you want a reliable prep study guide trusted by over 5000 nursing students? Naxlex NCLEX study guide is your ultimate choice. Nursing educators who have gone through NCLEX have created our study guides. You can access a wide array of our study materials, like NCLEX test banks, flashcards, online tutoring, and video sessions. So don’t wait to fail when Naxlex NCLEX is within your reach at an affordable price.

What’s NCLEX?

The NCSBN administers the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN), which aspiring registered nurses (RNs) must pass to obtain licensure. In April 2023, NCSBN introduced the Next Generation NCLEX (NGN), an updated version of the exam designed to better evaluate candidates’ critical thinking skills in nursing.

The NCLEX assesses four categories of patient needs:

  • Safe and effective care environment
  • Health promotion and maintenance
  • Psychosocial integrity
  • Physiological integrity

This exam evaluates future nurses’ problem-solving abilities within these contexts, covering various topics such as informed consent, high-risk behaviors, assistive devices, hemodynamics, and contraindications.

The NCLEX employs a computerized adaptive testing (CAT) approach, which modifies the difficulty of questions based on the test taker’s performance. This method appropriately challenges each candidate by adjusting the questions to match their ability level.

Many students ask Which is the best NCLEX study guide to help them pass NCLEX on their first attempt and put them at the top of their class.

At Naxlex NCLEX, we’ve prepared the best NCLEX study guide from number one.

  1. Naxlex NCLEX

Study method: question banks, computer adaptive tests, video tutoring

Cost: $79

Which is the best NCLEX study guide? A Naxlex NCLEX survey reveals that participants who passed its realistic CATs (Computer Adaptive Tests) are seven times more likely to pass the actual NCLEX-RN. Reflecting its proven track record of success, Naxlex NCLEX is our top choice due to its decision-tree approach to clinical reasoning, as prepared by its dedicated and highly competent nurse educators. You select the basic package, which includes over 3,000 NCLEX questions, or choose from several bundled packages that feature three full-length CATs, 24/7 access to live and recorded sessions on the NCLEX Channel, and other essential learning tools for up to two months.

  1. ATI Testing

Study Methods: Preparation of question bank, adaptive quizzes, live online review, and one-on-one access to nurse educators.


  • BoardVitals: $159
  • Virtual-ATI + BoardVitals $525
  • live NCLEX review: $550.

Resource Overview: ATI Testing provides various NCLEX preparation options. The Virtual-ATI program is a 12-week course where users interact directly with experienced nurse educators to craft personalized NCLEX study plans. Continuous assessments allow nurse educators to adjust these plans as needed. Virtual-ATI users can also access BoardVitals, which offers over 3,700 NCLEX prep questions for creating tailored mock exams. ATI’s live review method includes interactions with expert nurse educators to discuss NCLEX problem-solving strategies.

  1. Kaplan Nursing

Study Methods: Self-paced, live online.


  • Self-paced: $42
  •  live online: $525

Resource Overview: Kaplan Nursing offers two NCLEX prep pathways: self-paced and live online. These options provide six months of access their study materials, including a question bank with over 3,800 items. Kaplan’s mock exams use the CAT format to simulate the NCLEX and deliver personalized feedback. The self-paced option includes a content video library, three CATs, and a content review guide. The live online option adds 18 hours of synchronous classes to these materials.

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  1. Mometrix Test Preparation

Study Methods: Free practice tests, practice questions, lessons, instructional videos, and flashcards.


  • $79.99/month

Resource Overview: Mometrix offers a monthly subscription for NCLEX review materials with a one-week money-back guarantee. Subscribers access over 150 lessons, over 1,350 practice questions, 110 instructional videos, and 1,000 flashcards. Mometrix’s content is designed for visual or language-based learners and is accessible on desktop and mobile platforms.

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  1. Nurse Plus Academy

Study Methods: Adaptive practice tests, progress tracking, digital flashcards.


  • $49 for 30 days
  • $99 for 60 days
  • $139 for 365 days

Resource Overview: Nurse Plus Academy offers free practice exams and paid access to Nurse Plus Premium. Premium features include hints and “answer popularity,” which provide insight into other test takers’ choices. The Challenge Bank saves questions users miss, helping them identify and revisit problem areas. Nurse Plus also offers a pass guarantee, refunding Premium subscribers who fail the NCLEX.

  1. Nursing.com

Study Methods: content review, simulated NCLEX, study plans, and NCLEX strategy guides.


  • $29-$162 billed monthly
  • $149-$449 billed yearly.

Resource Overview: Nursing.com provides SIMCLEX tests that simulate the NCLEX and boast a 99% pass rate. The company offers a 200% pass guarantee, refunding twice the course fee for users who pass the SIMCLEX but fail the NCLEX. Resources support visual learners and those with anxiety, ADHD, or dyslexia. Nursing.com includes over 6,500 NCLEX-style questions and allows users to compare their performance globally.

  1. The Princeton 

Study Methods: Self-paced study, practice questions, and live courses.


  • Self-paced: $325
  • Live online: $649
  • Question Bank $179-$349.

Resource Overview: The Princeton Review provides self-paced and live online NCLEX prep with a money-back guarantee for non-passing candidates. Users access interactive lessons and over 3,700 practice questions. Live online courses are led by RNs with advanced degrees and offer one-on-one email support.

  1. UWorld Nursing

Study Methods: Practice questions, performance tracking, NCLEX prep app.


  • $139 for 30 days
  • $169 for 60 days
  • $249 for 90 days
  • $329 for 180 days

Resource Overview: UWorld Nursing boasts a 99% NCLEX pass rate for users who perform well on its self-assessment. Practice tests are designed to mirror the NGN experience. Features include virtual flashcards, a digital notebook, and performance tracking metrics. Each 30-day session includes one self-assessment.

Winding Up

You already have an answer to which is the best NCLEX study guide from the above examples. Unlock the ultimate study technique with Naxlex NCLEX. Our learning strategy elevates your NCLEX proficiency and enhances your exam performance. Contact us today and start your NCLEX preparation journey.

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