HESI Exit LPN Exam 1

HESI Exit LPN Exam 1 ( 75 Questions)

Question 1 :

The practical nurse (PN) is observing a newly hired PN who is preparing to administer a liquid medication via a client's feeding tube system as seen in the picture. What action should the PN take?


Correct Answer: A

Demonstrate how to administer medication via a feeding tube.The picture shows that the newly hired PN is about to make a serious error by adding the medication directly to the feeding bag, which can cause clogging, contamination, or inaccurate dosing of the medication. The PN should demonstrate how to administer medication via a feeding tube correctly, which involves stopping the feeding, flushing the tube with water, instilling the medication, flushing again, and resuming the feeding.

The other options are not correct because:

  1. Confirming that the medication is only administered once daily is not relevant or helpful, as it does not address the error or teach the correct technique of administering medication via a feeding tube.Determining if the medication is compatible with the solution is not necessary or appropriate, as the medication should not be mixed with the solution in the first place, but given separately through the feeding tube.
  2. Offering to assist in calculating the rate of flow for the mixture is not relevant or helpful, as there should be no mixture of medication and solution in the feeding bag, but separate administration of each through the feeding tube.

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