HESI Nursing Research II

HESI Nursing Research II ( 54 Questions)

Question 1 :

The nurse is comparing the effectiveness of two smoking cessation programs, Program A and Program B, which were designed for adolescent clients who reported smoking for one year or longer.

Adolescents in three high schools in the American southeast were randomly assigned to one of the two study programs.

Significantly more adolescents stopped smoking after completing Program A than those who completed Program B, and the effect size was 0.8. Based on these findings, which action should the community health nurse take?

Correct Answer: B

Choice A rationale:

Providing all smoking adolescents in the three high schools with Program A is not a justified action based solely on the effectiveness of Program A in this study. While Program A may have shown better results than Program B in this specific context, it does not necessarily mean it's the most effective program overall. Implementing such a decision without further investigation could be premature and may not consider individual variations and preferences among adolescents.

Choice B rationale:

Investigating the effectiveness of other smoking cessation programs is the most appropriate action. While Program A showed better results in this particular study, it's essential to explore a variety of smoking cessation programs to determine the most effective and suitable options for different individuals. Research should continuously seek to improve interventions and provide evidence-based recommendations.

Choice C rationale:

Replicating the study using adolescents from across the United States may not be the best course of action at this stage. The study was conducted in the American southeast, and its findings may not be directly applicable to adolescents from different regions with potentially varying demographics and smoking behaviors. It would be more appropriate to conduct studies or meta-analyses that examine the effectiveness of smoking cessation programs on a broader scale.

Choice D rationale:

Surveying the adolescents' families to determine how many family members smoke is not directly related to the comparison of the two smoking cessation programs (Program A and Program B). While family influences can be important in smoking cessation, this action does not address the immediate need to determine the most effective program among the two options being compared.

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