Hesi Pharmacology exam 2

Hesi Pharmacology exam 2 ( 36 Questions)

Question 1 :

The nurse is administering the muscle relaxant baclofen by mouth (PO) to a client diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Which intervention should the nurse implement?

Correct Answer: A

Choice A rationale: Baclofen is a muscle relaxant used to reduce muscle spasticity in conditions such as multiple sclerosis. One of the common side effects of baclofen is dizziness or orthostatic hypotension, which can increase the risk of falls. Therefore, the nurse should advise the client to move slowly and cautiously when rising and walking to prevent falls and injury.

Choice B rationale: Monitoring intake and output every 8 hours is not directly related to the administration of baclofen.

Choice C rationale: Ensuring the client knows to stop baclofen before using other antispasmodics is not the correct intervention. Baclofen should not be abruptly discontinued without medical advice, and its use should be discussed with the healthcare provider.

Choice D rationale: Evaluating muscle strength every 4 hours may be part of the client's overall care plan, but it is not directly related to the administration of baclofen. Muscle strength evaluation is more pertinent for assessing the progression of multiple sclerosis and its effects on muscle function.

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