RN HESI Dosage Calculations II

RN HESI Dosage Calculations II ( 55 Questions)

Question 1 :

A client is receiving a secondary infusion of vancomycin 1,500 mg in 250 mL to be  infused over two hours. The IV administration set delivers 10 gtt/mL. How many gtt/min  should the nurse regulate the infusion? (Enter numerical value only. If rounding is  required, round to the nearest whole number.) 


Correct Answer: ["21 gtt\/min\u00a0"]

To calculate the gtt/min, use the formula: gtt/min = (volume in mL x drop factor  in gtt/mL) / time in min 

Plug in the given values: gtt/min = (250 mL x 10 gtt/mL) / 120 min Simplify and solve: gtt/min = 2500 gtt / 120 min = 20.83 gtt/min 

Round to the nearest whole number: gtt/min = 21 

The nurse should regulate the infusion at 21 gtt/min 

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