VATI PN Comprehensive Predictor 2020

VATI PN Comprehensive Predictor 2020 ( 180 Questions)

Question 1 :

A nurse is reinforcing teaching with the parents of a newborn who had a circumcision. Which of the following client statements indicates understanding of the teaching?

Correct Answer: B

The correct answer is b. "I will apply petroleum jelly to the penis with each diaper change."

Choice A rationale:

  • It is incorrect to focus on removing all yellow exudate. A small amount of yellow exudate is normal during the healing process after circumcision. Attempting to aggressively clean it off can irritate the delicate healing tissues and cause discomfort for the baby.
  • Instead, parents should gently cleanse the area with warm water during diaper changes, allowing any mild exudate to naturally drain.

Choice B rationale:

  • Applying petroleum jelly with each diaper change is an essential step in promoting healing and preventing discomfort after circumcision. Here's why:
    • Protects against moisture: Petroleum jelly forms a barrier that protects the delicate healing tissues from moisture from urine and feces. This helps to prevent irritation and keeps the area clean.
    • Reduces friction: The lubricating properties of petroleum jelly reduce friction between the penis and the diaper, which can minimize discomfort and pain for the baby.
    • Promotes healing: Petroleum jelly creates a moist environment that promotes healing and reduces scab formation. This helps the circumcision site to heal faster and more comfortably.

Choice C rationale:

  • While ensuring a proper diaper fit is important for overall hygiene, it's not the most crucial aspect of post-circumcision care. A snug diaper can put unnecessary pressure on the healing penis, potentially causing irritation and discomfort. It's generally recommended to choose a diaper that fits comfortably without being too tight.

Choice D rationale:

  • Using soap to wash the penis is not recommended during the healing process. Soap can be harsh and drying to the delicate tissues, potentially causing irritation and delaying healing.
  • Warm water is sufficient for cleansing the area during diaper changes.

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