Barron's education series is a test prep brand that prepares exam trials, including teas practice tests for students interested in nursing programs. Barron's test prep offers information concerning the four content areas examined in the teas exam, including; English, math, reading, science and writing, with the latter subject optional.

To help you get the highest possible score in your teas exam on your first attempt, an excellent test prep available to you is the Naxlex practice test. One of its kind, the test offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you use the service and fail the exam. Besides, the test warrants a 90% score on the main exam if you get a similar score on the practice test. To try the Naxlex practice test risk-free, Subscribe Here.

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Are Barron's Practice Tests Good?

Regardless of whether test preparation is ahead of you, be it; ACT, SAT, or TEAS, various service providers in the market provide diverse nursing tests preps, such as the Barron teas practice tests and Naxlex teas practice tests, among others.

The materials supplied by Barron consist of books loaded with relevant study resources, test performance tips, and practice questions. This article provides a concise guide to help you choose the best teas test prep to consider for your nursing program admission.

Barron provides several test prep programs such as; ACT, SAT, GMAT, AP and GRE. Among the test preps available, Barron's ACT and SAT preps are closely related to the ATI teas exam, with the latter being designed for nursing applicants.

Barron has developed appropriate prep books for ACT and SAT, readily available to students. The books have good science, reading, and math content, among other tested areas. Though Barron's teas practice test materials are not easily accessible, there are third-party books for Barron's teas practice test. Regrettably, the materials are not easily accessible to assess their suitability in meeting your teas practice test needs.

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What Is the Best Study Material for TEAS 7?

Good study material to meet your TEAS 7 test prep requirements should be easily accessible and contain high-quality content that can exceed your score expectation for your teas test on the first attempt. Naxlex practice test is the best TEAS study guide in the market today that can help you pass your exam with 90% the first time.

The Benefits of the Naxlex Test

The ATI teas exam is exceedingly demanding, and rigorous study is necessary for victory. You need to use the best materials in the industry. Naxlex test prep questions are the ideal answer for every student who wants to achieve the best possible grade on the exam.

The test provides the following unique advantages compared to the Barron teas practice test among other prep test providers;

1. Try for Free

You can try the Naxlex practice test without obligation—a good starting point to experience the usefulness first-hand without paying a dime. At the signup stage, you will be prompted with a free trial option with the following aspects; accessing the math study guide for teas test 7, and a complete practice test with ten questions per subject, all timed at 40 minutes.

Once you try the free version and like the content, you will likely have several options to consider based on your needs. Depending on the premium option you select, you can experience the following merits; study guides for all subjects, detailed explanations for each question, video description, and performance analysis at the end of the test.

2. Risk-Free

One of the most significant advantages of Naxlex practice questions is its risk-free component. You lose nothing if you use the service and fail the exam. You'll receive your full money back. Besides, if you score 90% on the practice questions, you will likely achieve a similar grade in your exam. Naxlex offers a pass rate with a 90% guarantee once you go through the service.

3. Multitude of Questions

The Naxlex practice test allows you to explore numerous questions in all the examinable topics; For example, you will get 200 math questions, 200 reading items, 120 language questions, and 200 science questions. The professional setup of the questions will give you the knowledge to face your nursing entrance test. Amazingly, 90% of the questions mimic the exam questions at 99% accuracy prediction.

4. Live Tutoring

If you need personalized support in your entrance exam preparation, Naxlex is your destination of choice. There are fully customized live tutoring lessons to meet your individual goals. The goal is to give you the best prep support for that stellar performance.

What Is the Difficult Part of The TEAS Test?

Though the teas test can be pretty challenging, the difficulty level in each part will differ from student to student. Some students might find some features hard while others may think otherwise. So, which part is the hardest of the TEAS test is subject to debate.

However, the time allocated for each part of the teas test can hint at the demands of various sections of the test; for example, science is allotted 60 minutes, math allocation is 57 minutes, reading 55 minutes, and English should be completed within 37 minutes.

Fortunately, the Naxlex practice test simplifies the most complex parts into simple concepts you can easily understand.

How Long Should I Study for The TEAS?

Your time to study for your teas exam will depend on your schedule. ATI recommends an average time of 6 weeks before the exam date if you have sufficient time, purpose to program your test preparation at least one month and two weeks before the exam day.

If you have limited time before the exam, you can achieve your study within one month through the excellent organization of your timetable.

To complete your test preparation within a month, you must have self-discipline in your study habits. Consider the challenging sections and focus your study on those areas. You should also revise other parts as humanely possible.

The ATI teas test can be highly challenging for many students. Most nursing applicants need tailor-made support to help them prepare for the exam. But do you know not all prep tests are equal? Naxlex offers superior test prep to millions of nursing candidates.

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