how to pass hesi exit exams
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How to Pass HESI Exit Exam

how to pass hesi exit exams

Completing nursing school or a program is a great accomplishment that any aspiring nurse will always be happy about. However, despite the finish line being in sight, there is one last hurdle, the HESI Exit exam! This article explains the HESI exit exam and gives important tips on how to pass the HESI exit exam. 

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What is HESI Exit Exam?

In most cases, the HESI exit examination is administered in the final semester or quarter of the nursing course. The HESI exit exams are thorough and are always meant to reflect on the content of NCLEX exams. 

It is an exam that helps in estimating the chances of the student passing the NCLEX exam. According to recent research on over 35000 students who took HESI exit exams and NCLEX exam, HESI exit predicted over 98% would pass their NCLEX exam on the first try. 

How to Pass HESI Exit Exam

Like any other exam, it is important for any student to know what tips will increase their chances of scoring high on their HESI exit test. In this section, we take you through important tips on how to pass the HESI exit exam. 

Plan for Exam Day 

Preparation for the exam day is beyond having a good study schedule and study materials. It does not matter if the HESI exit exam is three months or two weeks away; having a proper plan for the exam day will help reduce test anxiety and increase the chances of passing the HESI exit exam. 

Ensure you write down your HESI exit location, duration, and rules worth remembering. Also, come up with a proper plan for your exam break. 

Assume you are Studying for the NCLEX. 

If the HESI exit will determine your chances of passing the NCLEX, it is appropriate that you start studying for it early. Get your NCLEX materials and start taking a crack at them. Yes, the NCLEX and HESI exams are intimidating, especially if you have not prepared well. Although the two exams have different structures, they cover the same topics encapsulating your nursing school career. When studying for the HESI exit exam like you are studying for NCLEX, you will be more than ready for your HESI exit exam, increasing your chances of passing.

If you study for the HESI like you’re studying for the NCLEX, you’ll be more than ready to answer the exam questions increasing your chance to pass the HESI exit exam. 

Skip Books 

Nursing books cover all the important things you need to know in nursing school. However, their lengthiness is inconvenient when you are a busy nursing student. These nursing books can, at times, cost a fortune. You can be much better off using a razor-focused study method for the HESI exit exam. It will help if you skip the books. 

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What Does HESI Exit Exam Include?

HESI exit and NCLEX exams have a close relationship. The HESI exit exam assesses your understanding of the nursing curriculum. It helps predict whether you will pass the NCLEX exam, which every aspiring nurse has to pass before getting professional certification. 

What is the HESI Exit Exam Format?

HESI exit exam questions mimic the questions students encounter during their NCLEX exams. However, HESI exit questions require more critical thinking than the usual information/ fact witnessed in nursing classes. 

The Exam questions are available in the following forms:

  • Multiple Choices: The nursing test takers will have to choose one of the four options available for an answer. 
  • Multiple answers: The exam candidates will pick one or more answers from the available list of five to seven in the multiple-response questions. 
  • Fill the banks: The students must calculate and offer a solution here. A calculator is always available on the screen since test takers are not allowed to use their personal calculators. 
  • Hot Spots: These questions require the candidates to identify a particular spot on the graph or image. 
  • Exhibits/ Charts: The test takers are provided with information from the charts. 
  • Drag and Drop:  The test takers will sequence or rank things using the drag and drop method. 

The HESI exit test comprises of latest and up-to-date question types. The exam is always administered on a computer, like the NCLEX test. 

The NCLEX exam questions will get progressively complex until a particular question is missed. When a test taker gives a wrong answer, they will get a question that is a bit easier. The questions will continue getting easier until such a time when the student gives the correct answer. The trend will continue until the students get a fail or pass result. The student will always have 75 questions to attempt. 

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