where can i take HESI A2 exam online
Naxlex Blog TEAS Practice Test Where Can I Take HESI A2 Exam Online?

Where Can I Take HESI A2 Exam Online?

where can i take HESI A2 exam online

Elsevier develops Health Systems Incorporated (HESI) exam and comprises the HESI A2 and the HESI A2CT. HESI A2 is a computer-administered and proctored test that acts as an entrance exam to the nursing school or program. Any candidate aspiring to study nursing will have to pass HESI A2 to get admission into a nursing program. In this article, we will answer the question; where can I take the HESI A2 exam online?

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Where Can I Take HESI A2 Exam Online?

Candidates planning to take the HESI A2 test have two main options where they can take them. The two options include: 

  • Post-secondary institutions where the test is part of the application process and the exam is always done onsite. 
  • Prometric Testing Site where the candidates can do the HESI A2 test online. 

Prometric Testing Site

To sit for the HESI A2 exam online, candidates must contact their respective schools for their department ID and receive instructions on the application for eligibility status. Elsevier will always email every candidate with his or her eligibility ID. Candidates must also create an Evolve account to view the results of their tests and reports, request remediation, and make payments. 

To complete the online registration process, the candidates must visit the Elsevier website and click on the ‘I am a student’ tab. After that, they will click on the ‘register for remediation and results and click on the blue ‘Register’ button and check out. 

Proctored Testing at Home

Before you sign up for proctored testing at home, the test taker has to ensure he or she has all the right equipment for virtual remote testing. They will need a desktop computer or laptop with a microphone and web camera. The test location has to be indoors with a great internet connection. A system readiness check on Prometric’ website will help test network and computer compatibility.

To sign up for virtual remote testing, candidates must get their eligibility number from Elsevier. They will also have to make contact with their school for instructions on applying for eligibility status and department ID. 

HESI A2 Exam Schedule 

Test takers will schedule the HESI A2 test differently depending on when and how they intend to take the exam. When testing at a local school, the test taker will first have to sign up for the HESI A2 exam online at the Elsevier portal. Test takers will have to pay for the exam fee directly at the local school. The HESI A2 scheduling is only successful when you sign up on the school website and choose your preferred time and date. 

When you schedule your HESI A2 testing at the Prometric testing center, you will have to visit the Prometric website and click on the ‘Test Takers’ tab. Scroll and click the ‘Find My Test’ tab. Type ‘Enter Elsevier’ in the test owner search bar. Scroll to and click on ‘Read More.’ Scroll down and click on the onsite testing link at the Prometric Center. Select ‘schedule’ from the available options on the page’s left side. Read through the information. You will have to accept the privacy policies in regard to audio and video monitoring and personal data collection. The test takers will have to submit the first four characters of their last name and eligibility number to get to the Prometric scheduling page. 

Test Day Materials and Procedures

All the HESI A2 test takers will have to produce their government-issued ID regardless of the testing mode. The ID can be a passport or driver’s license. However, it is advisable that you first check with the exam proctor for the right type of document or additional documents you can produce. Test takers who are distance testing at the school campus need to check with their exam administrators about what items they should not bring to the exam room and about the test procedures.

Prometric candidates will have to arrive at the testing center 30 minutes before the schedule. Late arrivals are not allowed to the testing center, and the test takers risk forfeiting the testing fee. 

There are lockers where you will secure all your personal items. Apart from the engagement and wedding rings, all the other jewelry is prohibited from the test room. Test administrators will inspect your camera accessories, jewelry, glasses, microphones, and any other item. Candidates will have to raise their legs and pants, turn their pockets inside out, and raise short sleeves to confirm there are no prohibited items. The Prometric Center uses video and audio recordings and biometrics to help prevent any form of cheating. The testing area should be well-lit, and no dual monitors are allowed in the test room. No other person or pet can be in the room when the exam is underway. 

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