Naxlex Blog TEAS Practice Test Is HESI A2 Harder Than TEAS?

Is HESI A2 Harder Than TEAS?

Is HESI A2 Harder Than TEAS?

The question of whether HESI A2 (Health Systems Incorporated) is harder than TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) is a matter of perspective and individual experience. The HESI A2 exam is often perceived as more challenging due to its explicit focus on program-specific topics and in-depth medical-related knowledge. With sections dedicated to anatomy and physiology, biology, chemistry, and more, the HESI A2 demands a comprehensive understanding of these subjects. 

On the other hand, the TEAS exam covers more general knowledge-based sections, including science, math, reading, and English. However, it’s important to note that the perception of difficulty may vary depending on an individual’s strengths, weaknesses, and prior knowledge. Ultimately, the level of difficulty will depend on each student’s preparation, study habits, and familiarity with the exam content.

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What is the Difference Between HESI A2 and TEAS?

The HESI A2 (Health Systems Incorporated) and TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) are both entrance exams commonly used by nursing programs to assess the academic readiness of applicants. While they serve a similar purpose, there are some key differences between the two exams:

  • Exam Structure and Content

The HESI A2 and TEAS exams differ in terms of their structure and content. The HESI A2 focuses on program-specific topics and encompasses several sections, including Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, Chemistry, Grammar, Math, Reading, Vocabulary, Physics, Personality Profile, and Learning Style. In contrast, the TEAS exam consists of more general knowledge-based sections: Science, Math, Reading, and English and Language.

Sections included in the HESI A2 exam

HESI SectionsNumber of QuestionsTime Limit (Minutes)
Anatomy & Physiology3025
Personality Profile1515
Learning Style1415

Sections included in the TEAS exam;

TEAS SectionsNumber of QuestionsTime Limit (Minutes)
English and Language3737
  • Difficulty and Perceived Challenges

Determining which exam is harder, the HESI A2 or TEAS is subjective and depends on individual preferences and strengths. Some students may find the TEAS exam relatively easier due to its broader scope and general knowledge focus. On the other hand, the HESI A2 can be considered more challenging because it delves deeper into program-specific subjects, requiring a more specialized understanding.

  • Scoring and Passing Criteria

Scoring methodologies also differ between the two exams. The HESI A2 scores each section individually on a percentage basis, providing a cumulative score that represents the average of all section scores. In contrast, the TEAS exam uses a weighted score system, where the total score is not an average of the individual section scores. Institutions may have specific score thresholds for passing both exams, with the HESI A2 typically requiring a minimum score above 75% and the TEAS exam often starting at a cumulative score of 65-70%.

HESI Scoring Categories and Percentages;

HESI Score RangeClassification
Below 75%Needs Improvement
75% to 79%Satisfactory
80% to 89%Very Good
90% to 100%Excellent

TEAS Scoring Categories and Percentages;

TEAS Score RangeClassification
0% to 40.7%Developmental
41.4% to 58.0%Basic
58.7% to 77.3%Proficient
78.0 to 90.0%Advanced
90.7% to 100.0%Exemplary
  • Exam Length and Cost

The length and cost of the exams are additional factors to consider. The TEAS exam consists of 170 questions, with 150 of them contributing to the final score. It takes approximately 209 minutes to complete. Conversely, the HESI A2 encompasses around 350 questions and can take up to four hours to finish, depending on the number of sections administered. The TEAS exam typically costs around $70, while the HESI A2 can range from $40 to $100.

Preparing for Success

Regardless of which exam you must take, thorough preparation is key to achieving a desirable score. Here are some valuable tips to enhance your study process:

  • Utilize practice exams: Take advantage of practice exams that closely resemble the format and difficulty level of the actual tests. This helps familiarize yourself with the types of questions and build confidence.
  • Focus on weaker areas: Identify your weaker subjects and allocate more study time to those areas. Create study guides and review materials specific to each section, allowing for systematic and targeted preparation.
  • Time management: Practice time management during your study sessions to ensure you can complete each section within the allocated time limits. This will enhance your ability to work efficiently during the actual exam.
  • Flashcards and mnemonics: Employ flashcards to memorize key concepts, terminology, and formulas. Mnemonics can also be helpful for recalling complex information.
  • Test prep resources: Consider using reliable test prep resources, such as online courses, study guides, and tutoring services. These resources provide comprehensive materials, practice tests, and strategies to maximize your preparation.


Both the HESI A2 and TEAS exams have distinct characteristics and differences. The perceived difficulty of the exams varies depending on individual perspectives and strengths. While the HESI A2 may be considered more challenging due to its program-specific content and deeper medical knowledge requirements, the TEAS exam covers a broader range of general knowledge subjects.

If you are preparing for either exam, it is essential to invest in comprehensive and reliable study resources to increase your chances of success. Naxlex, a trusted TEAS and HESI A2 test prep provider offers guaranteed pass rates of 90%. With personalized live tutoring options targeting your areas of weakness, Naxlex provides a tailored approach to help you excel in your preparation. Click here to sign up and get started with Naxlex today.

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