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How Much Is the Teas Test Online?

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How Much Is the Teas Test Online? The ATI teas exam can be substantially expensive, especially if you are sitting for the test severally, a reason why you should endeavor to pass on your first attempt. Generally, the much you can pay depends on where you sit for the exam. For instance, the exam costs $115 on average for an online teas test proctored by ATI. You must prepare thoroughly before the exam day to save time and resources.

A great test preparatory resource that can help you pass the exam on your first attempt is the Naxlex teas test prep. It provides test questions similar to the real exam at 99% accuracy. Naxlex will give you a guaranteed pass of 90%—Excel today by joining Naxlex.

Cost for Online Teas Test Breakout

As a candidate interested in a nursing career, you know how crucial the teas exam is in your journey to your dream college. A key question that might be lingering in your mind is, “How much does the ATI teas test cost?” The cost varies depending on the venue you sit for the exam. The following gives a breakdown regarding the cost of the teas test online.

How Much Is the Teas Practice Test Online

On average, an online teas test supervised by ATI costs $115; tests performed through institutions or other exam centers may offer varying prices.

On average, students pay $100 to $115 for exams done through institutions. Like the ATI proctored exams, a test done at PSI costs $115. 

You can access online teas tests through ATI or institutional testing centers. The amount you will pay for the test ranges from $100 to $115, depending on your chosen exam testing option. For applicants doing the test in person, there may be extra costs associated with: venue fees, supervision fees, or scheduling payment.

If you fail the test on your first trial, there are no teas exam fee waivers for the retake. You’ll be required to make the whole payment for the first trial. Thus don’t expect discounted prices or reduced fees during the exam retake. To avoid unnecessary teas costs, use Naxlex test prep and pass your online exam on your first attempt.

How to Register for the Online Teas Test?

Registering for the teas exam can be difficult, mainly if the applicants need help finding the information to aid them through the registration process. It is important to note that students can access the current knowledge regarding teas registration from the
admissions desk at the colleges they want to join.

The tech-savvy applicants can also access the teas registration information online. The following details the procedure you can follow to register for your online teas exam:

  1. Access the ATI official website and tap on the registration handle.
  2. Select the examination method, whether online or in-person
  3. Pick the program kind; nursing or health allied
  4. Choose the exam time and date
  5. Review the information and add extra transcripts if needed
  6. Review your order
  7. Check your mailbox for confirmation and other details to help you succeed in your exam.

How Do You Take the TEAS Test Online?

Thanks to the online teas test, you can undertake your teas exam in the comfort of your home or any other convenient venue. The online test proctors that offer the opportunity for online teas test include: the ATI and institution-based testing centers, specifically the universities. 

If you have registered for the online teas test proctored by ATI, you take the exam by visiting ATI’s official website and sign-in to your account. The log-in process should be started half an hour before the start of the exam. Once you have successfully signed in,
ap the “test” icon. If you possess ATI teas test card, tap “begin” to start the exam.

If you have not received your exam card, choose “add product” and put the product or assessment ID issued through the email from ATI. The proctoring agent, ATI, must approve before you start the test. The “begin” button will be inactive until the proctor agrees.

Online TEAS Exam Preparation

Preparing for the teas exam is critical to achieving a successful outcome like any other test. This is because 40% of test takers will fail the test in their first attempt. It would help if you were sure from the start that your goal is to pass in your first trial. You can use the following bullet tips to score the grade that you deserve.

  1. Use study guides to help you stay organized. You can make a practical study plan for teas by identifying the areas you are weak and focusing on those areas.
  2. Use online test preps. Online practice tests can give you an accurate picture of what to expect in the exam. Naxlex, for instance, can provide you with all the support you need to excel in your exam.
  3. Utilize your peers through peer learning to learn from each other.
  4. Use flashcards. Flashcards offer good repetition and memorization skills to help you with your teas exam.


Final Word

Your choice of option depends on how much you can pay for the online teas test. ATI charges $69for the online teas test, while the prices for the test vary from school to school. On average, expect to pay between $100 to $115 for university-proctored teas.

The exam can be expensive if you fail on your first attempt. However, passing the exam for the first time through Naxlex test prep is easy. Save time and money by scoring 90% in your first trial through NaxlexTry Now.

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