What are TEAS 7 Practice Test?

What are TEAS 7 Practice Test?

Undertaking TEAS practise questions to test your knowledge provides an excellent way to prepare for the exam and get familiar with what’s on the ATI TEAS exam in 2023. TEAS 7 versions are currently being administered by Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI). Colleges and universities in Canada and the United States administer the ATI TEAS.

The TEAS 7 test comprises 170 multiple-questions covering four subjects to assess general knowledge. Preparing adequately and comprehending the elements of the test can aid in ensuring you attain a desirable score in TEAS. See more about the TEAS 7 practice test in this video!

The TEAS 7 practice questions come in various formats, with a total testing time of three hours and 29 minutes. The paper-and-pencil version encompasses multiple-choice questions with four potential answers. On the other hand, the online version incorporates several question formats as follows;

Multiple-select questions:

Test-takers need to choose more than one response from four to six choices

Supply answer questions:

Test-takers must type the answer into existing blank spaces. There are no answer choices to choose from

Hot spot questions:

You’ll answer this kind of question by clicking the correct spot in an image, then submit your choice

Ordering Questions:

Test-takers answer these questions by putting items in the correct sequence. Accomplish the query by dragging and dropping or matching and numbering the answers.

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teas 7 practise test

TEAS Test Sections

The test sections will be administered as follows, with a 10-minute break after the Mathematics section;


    The section has an allotted time of 55 minutes. It integrates 45 questions covering crucial ideas and details in reading passages, the craft and structure of sentences, and the integration of knowledge. The test encompasses 26% of the TEAS test.

    It's essential to consider taking various practice TEAS tests to evade such problems. Practice tests will help you learn the exam's format, nature, and content. Luckily, during the actual exam day, you might come across questions that need the application of a similar concept that you had identified in the TEAS practices test.


    The Mathematics section has an allotted time of 57 minutes. The section has 38 questions covering arithmetic, algebra, measurement, and data. The test comprises about 23% of your total testing efforts.

    The Mathematics section has an allotted time of 57 minutes. The section has 38 questions covering arithmetic, algebra, measurement, and data. The test comprises about 23% of your total testing efforts.


    The science test section has 50 questions with an allotted duration of 60 minutes. The science section comprises about 29% of the entire test. It covers concepts relating to human anatomy and physiology, biology, chemistry, and scientific reasoning. TEAS 7 omits the life and physical sciences previously tested in TEAS 6.

    English and Language Usage

    The test section integrates 37 questions with an allotted time frame of 37 minutes. The section covers the conventions of Standard English, knowledge of grammar, and vocabulary to express ideas in writing.

Eligibility to Take the Test

Applicants can underrate the TEAS digitally or via a paper version. Visit the TI testing website to determine eligibility for the online exam. Applicants eligible for online tests will receive instructions on creating ATI login information before the scheduled date. Whether you’re taking the test online or via paper, you must show up at the respective testing centre on your scheduled testing day.

TEAS integrates a fee of around $115. Thus, test-takers need a reliable method to pay the fees on exam day. Bring legal identification such as a passport or state-issued driver’s licence on the day of your exam.

Reliable Ways to Study For TEAS

1.Engage in TEAS practice tests:

Taking the TEAS practise exams offers one of the best ways to prepare for the exam. You will get to familiarise yourself with the type of content to expect and the test format. Taking practice tests from reputable sources helps you gain confidence in answering the questions correctly.

2 . Simulate the testing experience

The TEAS 7 is an extended testing experience comprising over three hours. Test-takers will undertake all the test sections in one sitting with very short breaks allowed. During preparation, it's crucial to stimulate the testing experience by timing yourself on each section and completing the entire test in a single sitting.

Simulating the testing environment will give you an idea of the time needed to answer questions. You can gauge the time for each question before the actual test.

3. Use additional resources

Alternative study formats like study guides, online books, and flashcards can help you study and prepare for the TEAS. Ensure the alternative study materials come from reputable sources.

Pro TEAS Tips

Passing an exam on the first attempt is the critical aim of every test-taker. Hence follow the below tips to help you prepare and pass your TEAS.

Use TEAS Prep Resources

Plenty of reputable and helpful prep resources can aid in preparing for the TEAS. Take full advantage of prep resources like study guides, practice exams, and flashcards to prepare and ensure you score better.

Register for the Exam Early

Plenty of reputable and helpful prep resources can aid in preparing for the TEAS. Take full advantage of prep resources like study guides, practice exams, and flashcards to prepare and ensure you score better.

Create study schedule

Early registration for the TEAS exam gives you adequate time to study, prepare, and keep your stress level low. Upon registering, you will receive a study guide from the test creator; therefore, you can quickly identify the areas you need to spend time studying.

Create study schedule

A good study schedule will help individuals do well on tests and improve scores. Consider integrating some TEAS practice questions immediately after studying.

teas 7 practise test

No. The TEAS version 7 isn’t any more complex than the previous version of the TEAS exam. TEAS 7 version is comparable to TEAS 6 with roughly the same degree of difficulty.

Reading 53 questions Reading 45 questions
Math 36 questions Math 38 questions
Science 53 questions Science 50 questions
English 28 questions English 37 questionss

If you are a perfectionist, you may want to take your time and answer all the questions accurately. However, you may only know some of the questions and could run out of time toward the end of the test. You shouldn’t panic if this happens. Instead, you should move to the next question and answer the difficult questions once you finish the exam.

You won’t be penalized for the wrong answers, and it helps if you answer each question since you could be right. Remember your progress throughout your studies and recognize that your strengths will positively impact your results. Understand that putting down your answer is better than not placing one.


TEAS 7 assesses the applicant’s readiness for a career in health sciences. The TEAS 7 practice tests are good for timing and stamina as you spend more time getting better in your weak areas. Integrate the TEAS 7 practice tests to increase your assessment score.

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What are TEAS 7 Practice Test?
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