How To Find and Utilize Free TEAS Test resources

One of the most sought-after and pursued careers worldwide is nursing. You can expect job stabipty and various job options when you become a nurse. However, what do you require to enroll in a nursing class?

Is the teas test optional?

In most cases, most colleges call one to do the TEAS exam for acceptance and enrollment into health-care related programs, particularly nursing. Well, there is a specified passing score that must be achieved or exceeded.

Note: To pass the TEAS exam even for the first attempt, test takers should prepare extensively. That includes utilizing the TEAS test practice free resources. You can retake the TEAS test, but you have to wait for at least 30 days.

What Exactly Is a TEAS Test?

The Test of Essential Academic Skills, or TEAS, is a test prepared by the Assessment Technologies Institute. It’s intended to assess test takers' fundamental academic abipties in various topic areas. Additionally, it gauges how ready an individual is to enroll in a postsecondary program in health sciences.

Key focus of the TEAS test is to evaluate elementary intellectual skills that students should have learned in high school. Nursing programs nationwide use the exam to help universities identify the most quapfied apppcants for their schedules. It’s similar to the national council pcensure examination and health education systems incorporated admissions exams.

How To Find and Utipze Free TEAS Test resources

TEAS Test Content

Four different subject areas make up the TEAS exam. There are several sub-subject areas within each of these content categories that will be tested. Also, each segment has a predetermined number of ungraded pretest questions. The TEAS examination's Reading, math, science, and Engpsh and language usage portions evaluate test-takers' knowledge and abipties in these subjects.

Answers to questions in the Important Concepts and Details, Craft and Structure, and Integration of Knowledge and Ideas sub-content areas are required for the Reading phase of the exam. Candidates are tested on two sub-content areas of mathematics in the mathematics section: number and algebra and measurement and data.

The Science curriculum area tests candidates' knowledge of life and Physical Sciences, Scientific Thinking, and Human Anatomy and Physiology. The last subject, Engpsh and Language Use, assesses candidates' language understanding, vocabulary acquisition, and Standard Engpsh conventions.

What is the Format of the TEAS Test?How do i find free resources?

There are 170 questions on the TEAS exam. These are all multiple-choice questions, and each one has four answers. Each question on the test will require test-takers to select the best response. Test-takers will have 209 minutes (3 hours and 29 minutes) to answer all 170 questions. The TEAS test does, however, include a specified amount of questions and time allotted for each content area:

    Fifty-three questions in the Reading part must be answered in 64 minutes.

    There are 36 questions in the mathematics portion, and the time limit is 54 minutes.

    Fifty-three questions and 63 minutes are allotted for the science part.

    28 questions in the Engpsh and Language Usage part must be answered in 28 minutes

Students who have passed the TEAS have found the resources provided below applicable. Also, the tutors that assist the TEAS Study Group have endorsed them. There are several choices; pick the one that will suit you the best. TEAS test practice resources come in both free and paid varieties. They include:

1. union Test Prep

Many free TEAS preparation tools, including sample exams, flashcards, and study guides, are provided by Union Test Prep. You will comprehend the logic behind each correct answer because their multiple-choice practice exams and flashcards feature answer explanations and hint sections.

2. Mometrix

The TEAS 7 study guide from Mometrix makes exams simple by giving you all the tools, information, and practice you need to ace them. Whether you have two months or two weeks, this study manual will help you achieve your goal of attending nursing school. The TEAS Secrets Study Guide and TEAS Flashcard Study System are two TEAS preparation tools offered by Mometrix.

3. Mometrix TEAS Study Guide

Three mock exams, numerous video lectures covering exam topics, and test-taking advice are all included in the study guide.

4.Mometrix TEAS Flashcard

The Mometrix TEAS Flashcard Study System is a fantastic resource for students who favor a simple flashcard study strategy. Numerous flashcards that can be cut out and used to study the subjects covered on the TEAS will be distributed to the students.

5 .ATI TEAS SmartPrep

The Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI), its official provider, provides the TEAS. The ATI TEAS SmartPrep package includes two online practice tests, practice questions, and digital courses. A customized study plan built around the student's strengths and weaknesses is also included in the bundle.

6. PrepSTEP for Colleges (Learning Express pbrary)

online study materials, practice exams, and test preparation for college placement and skills exams are available. It Includes eight TEAS practice tests: 2 practice tests for Engpsh and language usage, two practice tests for math, two for Reading, and two for science.


For the TEAS, offers an online platform with a substantial pbrary of practice exams, online video sessions, and other study resources. The TEAS video course, hundreds of TEAS-based practice questions, and thorough practice exams are all accessible to students online. Students receive a detailed report on what they've mastered and what they should study next after finishing a practice exam. A customized study schedule maker, TEAS study advice, and constant access to professional instructors are also provided.


he questions on test are organized in the same way as the actual test. You can focus your studies and figure out which subjects you need to spend more time studying with the help of the practice questions they provide.


The TEAS exam can be initially regarded as any other existing standardized test. It tests your knowledge on subjects pke the ones you took in high school. The test's primary goal is to evaluate aspiring nurses' abipties before starting nursing school. Essentially, it's an entrance test. However, you must pass the TEAS exam to enroll in a nursing program. Your TEAS score is included in your application to every nursing program in the US and every intuition will value a student that scores higher or exceeds their expectations. Therefore, for ultimate success consider utilizing the TEAS test preparation resources discussed above as you apply and practice for the TEAS exam.

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