Before you can get admission to a nursing school or allied health, you first have to pass the ATI TEAS test! It is 170 questions and 209 minutes of Math, Reading, Science and English and Language Usage that is standing between you and the school of your dreams. The TEAS exam questions will be online and ATI will assign to you a proctor for the entire test duration. To increase your chances of performing well, you need to be conversant with the frequently asked questions about TEAS exam.

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This article covers some of the frequently asked questions TEAS test takers need to be aware of.

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Can I go to the Bathroom When the TEAS Test is on?

According to most of the previous TEAS test takers, it is not possible for one to visit the bathroom while taking the exam. TEAS test should be done in one sitting. It is advisable that you use the bathroom before you start taking the test. Avoid drinking lots of drinks before the exam. With this, you will save yourself from feeling the urge of going to the bathroom which will affect your concentration and can land you in problems with the proctor.

Can the Internet Am Using for the Test Be Affected by Other People Using It?

When other people are using the internet you are using for the exam, there is a high possibility you will encounter disruptions or slow speed. Slow internet speed will definitely affect your speed and you may not complete all the TEAS questions within the set time limit. You can solve this problem by ensuring no one else is using the internet connection when you are doing the test. With this, you will be able to prevent any bandwidth problem. Keep in mind the TEAS test is administered online. If you are doing the test at home, inform every one of the day and time schedule for the test to minimize disruptions.

Is it Possible to use Normal Calculator during the TEAS Test?

It is not possible to use the regular calculators during the TEAS test. There is an online calculator that is built into the online TEAS test. That is the only calculator test takers are allowed to use.

Despite most test takers being comfortable with the traditional calculators which have more functions, ATI only allows the use of on-screen calculator during the exam period. ATI offers a four function calculator that you can use to perform multiplication, addition, division and subtraction.

Can Test Takers User Scratch Papers?

The exam takers can use scratch papers. The proctor will always issue you with one where you can write out problems instead of having to keep it in your mind. The scratch paper will always be one and blank. If you have your own scratch paper, you will have to show it to the proctor before you enter the exam room.

Can Another Person Be In The Exam Room During the TEAS Test?

No other person can be in the same room as you when you are taking your TEAS test online. Keep in mind before you start taking your TEAS test, the proctor will scan he entire room through the web camera. They scan the entire room to make sure that no one is giving you a helping hand when answering the questions.

ATI is very strict on this. To ensure you are safe, ensure no one is in the room and close the door. Let everybody in the house know that you are doing an exam and they should keep off the room until you are through.

Is it Possible to Take the TEAS Test on my Tablet?

It is not possible to take the TEAS test from any other device apart from desktop computer or laptop. You are not allowed to take the TEAS test from a smartphone or tablet.

Keep in mind there are technical requirements the computer or laptop need to achieve before you can take the test. Majority of the technical requirements are possible only with desktop computers and laptops.

Taking TEAS Test at home where someone is keeping an eye on you can be nerve wracking. However, you can overcome all these by ensuring you have adequate preparation for the TEAS test.

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