Any aspiring nursing student will have to sit for the TEAS exam and get an excellent score to get into nursing school. The exams measure students reading capability, mathematics, science, English, and language skills. The different sections in the exam are essential in checking your competence in becoming a nurse. The TEAS English and Language areas challenge your sentence structure and grammatical skills. It also tests the capability of making predictions based on passages.

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Why Are Students Tested on English?

Many students ask themselves why they are being tested for English in nursing exams. As you know, nursing is an essential field in any healthcare team. They care for the patients and coordinate with other medical professionals to ensure the fast and best care. Therefore, they must have excellent communication skills to enable them to perform all these tasks efficiently.

TEAS English section is the last section you will handle. High chance you will be tired when you get to it. However, it is the fastest; you will have one minute per question.

How Many TEAS English Questions Will You Have To Answer?

The TEAS English and Language Usage section has three sub-sections. The subsections are the Conventions of Standard English, Knowledge of Language, and Using Language and Vocabulary.

There are a total of 28 questions. 24 of them are scored, while the remaining 4 are unscored. The 4 questions are shuffled, and you will never know which questions from the 28 are unscored.

The students will have to complete all 28 questions in 28 minutes. It means you will have 1 minute to answer a question. The students will have to find and correct errors or recognize the author's intent and style of writing.

Question Types No.
Conventions of Standard English 9
Knowledge of Language 9
Vocabulary 6
Unscored 4

What to expect in each subsection and how to solve them correctly when taking the test.

1. Conventions of Standard English

Conventions of Standard English comprises 9 questions. The part mainly covers grammatical expectations. It tests the students' knowledge of organizing different sentences, spelling, and punctuation.

When handling this section, you will have to:

1. Use Standard English pronunciation conventions 2. Structure sentences correctly
3. Use Standard English spelling conventions 4. Ability to use text graphics and features

Ensure you read and understand each question before you start answering it. Due to the time limit, many students are always tempted to skim through the questions. It can make them miss certain essential words that can change the meaning of an entire sentence.

you must focus on the details and carefully read the questions to increase your chances of scoring high. It does not matter how comfortable you are with English; it will be best if you practice for this section. Consider doing the TEAS practice test to familiarize yourself with the questions you will encounter during the exams. TEAS practice tests will also enable you to avoid making mistakes when reading or answering questions during exams.

2. Knowledge of Language

You should be able to compose and organize your thoughts clearly to communicate well. Here, 9 questions test your ability to analyze and recognize how to structure and frame language to make a point.

This sub-section will test your skills on the following:

  • Precise writing with good grammar.
  • Creation of well-organized paragraphs.
  • Assessing if the language meets your particular audience's needs

Like the Conventions of Standard English section, you must also pay attention and read the questions carefully. To score high in this sub-section, you must do lots of critical reading when preparing for the test. A practice test will help increase your chances of scoring high in this subsection. The practice test will improve your writing and enable you to dig deep into sentence structure, complexity in writing, and understanding the author's tone.

3. Vocabulary

The vocabulary sections will help your ability to define and recognize words. The area comprises 9 questions that will test you on the following:

  • Analyzing words parts to determine what they mean
  • Communicate effectively using writing process elements

Some students think memorizing many words and their meanings will enable them to do well in this section. That is never the case. They have to study and understand the fundamental importance of words to allow them to score high in this subsection. Although basic knowledge of a word's meaning will significantly help, they need critical thinking skills to apply the proper context to the word. It is, therefore, advisable that the students should improve their reading skills before doing this test.

Tips on How to Answer TEAS English Test

These Tips will help you alot when answering English Teas test. Thinking through the English questions will provide the correct answers.


Step 1: Analyze the Information Provided

Most English and Language Usage questions will offer short passages and sentences and ask you to complete the sentence correctly, identify sentence elements or fix an error. The question will always specify the type of task you should accomplish.

Ensure you read the sentence carefully, paying attention to the spelling, grammar, punctuation, and style. Some questions require you to recall facts. Whenever you read a question, take your time answering it. Try recalling particular facts or rules being tested before you provide your answer.

Step 2: Predict the Answer

Before looking at the answer choices available, try predicting the answer. You have a higher chance of getting the correct answer if you already have it in your mind. When you cannot predict a possible answer, you can resort to eliminating answers you are sure are wrong.

Step 3: Make an Evaluation of the Answer Choices

Make a comparison of every answer choice to your prediction. Eliminate the answers that are way off and go for the ones that match.

Properly understanding spoken and written English will enable you to be a better nurse. It explains why it is essential for nursing students to do well in English and Language tests. Now that you know how many questions are on the TEAS English test and the subsections start marking appropriate preparations to increase your chances of scoring high on the exam.

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