TEAS 7 Reading Exam

You need to pass TEAS 7 reading exam since it is one of the tests you will face in your TEAS 7 exam. TEAS is a crucial standardized test used for admission to nursing institutions. That's why you should take every subject seriously, including the reading section.

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What is the TEAS 7 Reading Exam?

The Reading section of the ATI TEAS 7 exam consists of 45 questions, of which 39 are considered for scoring purposes. Compared to earlier versions, the TEAS 7 Reading section is smaller. It's important to note that the scoring distribution among different question types is standardized, although the test randomly mixes up the question types.

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Thus, while you may not know which specific questions are scored, you will receive a standardized breakdown of your scored questions.

TEAS 7 reading questions come from three main topics:

Key ideas & details: this section consists of 15 questions. It evaluates your ability to comprehend and extract meaningful information from reading passages.

It is relevant to your nursing career as it assesses crucial skills necessary for understanding and analyzing written material. In this section, you'll be required to showcase your proficiency in summarizing and avoiding unnecessary details. In this section, you will need to:

  •    Summarize paragraphs

  •    Conclude a passage with its purpose and meaning

  •    Demonstrate understanding of given written directions

  •    Locate specific information in a passage

  •    Interpret and apply details on graphs and charts

  •    Analyze events in a sequence

Craft & Structure (9 questions): here, like builders, you will find questions revolving around shaping your writings by organizing and presenting materials to convey their message to readers effectively. The examiner expects you to:

  •    Differentiate between facts and opinions

  •    Evaluate the authors' purpose in a text

  •    Analyze the author's point of view in a passage

  •    Use a situation to interpret the meaning of phrases and words

Integration of knowledge & ideas (15 questions): This category focuses on utilizing evidence and sources in writing. It is essential to consider the writer's perspective while reading and assess the evidence they present to determine if it supports their claims. Analyze the information and draw your conclusions. Additionally, evaluate whether the writer has used primary or secondary reference materials. This category emphasizes working with evidence in various ways.

You are expected to:

  •    Using the evidence in a text, make predictions and draw conclusions

  •    Compare themes expressed in a text

  •    Evaluate an argument

  •    Analyze and integrate data from different sources and formats

Tips on How to Pass the TEAS 7 Reading Test

If you want to pass TEAS 7, you must take these tips into consideration.

Use Naxlex TEAS 7 Reading Practice Tests

Naxlex offers a comprehensive outline of all the topics covered in the TEAS reading section, which aligns with the content of the ATI TEAS exam. Additionally, Naxlex provides a complimentary timed TEAS reading practice test. This outline is sourced directly from the Naxlex TEAS online study guide.

By utilizing the timed practice test, you can familiarize yourself with the test format and the various question types and enhance your speed in answering questions within the allotted time limit. The timed test helps you build comfort and efficiency in tackling TEAS reading questions.

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Know the TEAS 7 Reading Test Structure

The ATI TEAS Reading section encompasses a variety of passage types, such as academic style, memos, directions, and graphics. This section evaluates essential skills and concepts like identifying main ideas, discussing passage organization, summarizing information, and following instructions. Success in the TEAS Reading section relies heavily on mastering these skills.

Recognizing that all question types are intermixed within the TEAS Reading section, creating a comprehensive assessment of reading comprehension and skills is crucial.

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Know the TEAS 7 Reading Test Question Formats

When taking the TEAS Reading Test, you will encounter various question types that may require you to refer back and forth between the questions and the passage. This can become overwhelming if not approached strategically. To make it more manageable, I suggest breaking down the TEAS reading question types into three general categories:

  1.    Questions that need you to review the whole passage

  2.    Questions that require you to look into specific words

  3.    Questions that need your critical thinking and make analysis beyond the passage

Take Timed Practice Tests

Although you may have a busy schedule, setting some hours per day for studying is advisable. Studying on time helps you to avoid the last-minute rush that leads to cramming and not understanding the concept.

You can choose to schedule a time to study early morning or at night. You should schedule at least two hours for TEAS 7 test preparation.

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