Thousands of students eager to join nursing schools have widely used ATI practice tests. However, one of the critical questions that might be lingering in your mind is whether the ATI TEAS practice test is the same as the actual test.

TEAS practice test questions reflect what to expect in the ATI teas exam. The questions resemble the actual exam in every form. Want to practice teas questions that can give you a 90% and above score? Subscribe to our updated teas 7 test now.

This article will unearth this subject and cover relevant details you need to know as you prepare for your upcoming TEAS tests, but let's get straight to the point.

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Top 7 Similarities

The following are some of the similarities between ATI practice tests and actual tests;

1. Same Content

Similar to the actual TEAS tests, the practice exams consist of related content, test duration and the same kind of questions. According to ATI, the practice questions have been created with a similar content just like the actual exam in terms of appearance and feel ,.

2. Multiple choices questions

Both the practice and actual tests contain multiple choices for you to choose the correct answer. Every question comprises a set of logic for correct or false responses. You have to select the right answer.

3. 150 Questions

You have 170 questions open to you in both the ATI practice test and the actual test. Of the 170 items, 150 are scored and are distributed within the content sections, including; math, reading, science, English and language usage.

The questions tested per section vary depending on the area tested; Reading has 39 scored items, with six unscored. Math has 34 questions, with four unscored. Science has 44 questions with six unscored, while English language and usage bears 33 questions with four unscored. You can improve your TEAS reading score by practising sufficiently using relevant practice test questions.

The time allocated for the questions depends on each section, for example, reading (55 minutes), math (57 minutes), science (60 minutes), and English language and usage (37 minutes). The total time allocated for the 150 questions amounts to 209 minutes.

4. Compatible with multi-devices

You can access ATI practice tests and actual exams through any gadget connected to the internet, including; laptops, desktop computers and tablets.

5. Several attempts

ATI practice tests and exams for similar questions can be tried two times per practice test. This means you can stop the exam and continue later at a convenient time until the test is finished. On the other hand, ATI exams can be attempted three times a year, depending on the school's requirements.

6. Two versions available

You can explore two kinds of exam forms, A and B. The two versions contain diverse questions in every practice test.

7. Score reports

Every practice exam and actual test provides a test score disclosure to help you know your position, areas you need to improve and tips on performing better in nursing and health science-related fields.

Are Practice Tests Harder Than the Actual Tests?

The difficulty of the questions may vary from student to student. While some applicants might say the questions are complex, others convey a different message. To be frank on this issue, the hardness of the questions depends purely on the student's preparedness level.

Math and reading are among the parts of TEAS tests that many students find difficult. The two sections cover diverse topics that need more effort on the student's participation. The various kinds of math topics tested include; Numbers & algebra, measurement and data.

The reading, conversely, assesses the following areas; key ideas & details, craft & structure, and integration of knowledge & opinions. These are some of the examinable regions you'll be tested on, that numerous students find difficult. Focusing more time on these areas will boost your chance of excelling in the items deemed hard.

If you are well prepared for the exams, you'll likely score good grades as required by the schools. There is a need to put sufficient time and effort into preparing for the exams to achieve excellent performance in your exam.

TEAS practice tests help your overall grade. Exposure to various practice tests will determine the areas likely to be examined in the exams. With this information, you can have a focused study in the areas where you might be weak.

You need to study and practice the TEAS test for a minimum of six weeks for good performance. Sometimes you may need more time to practice for the test. Under such circumstances, you can program your schedule within the limit you can manage; the goal should be covering the most crucial topics required in the exam.

There is no penalty for incorrect answers on the TEAS test. So ensure you respond to each question within the test duration. Make sure to answer all item questions even if you are unsure of your answer.

Your TEAS test score depends on the school you want to join. Different nursing schools require diverse scores. Although the passing score ranges between 55 to 70% for a composite score, you should aim for a good score of 70%. You'll be deemed an admirable applicant compared to your opponents with the latter percentage.

What Is the Best Way to Study for The TEAS Test?

A well-planned study process can increase your chance of excelling in the TEAS exam. Below are some of the best ways you can apply to study for the TEAS test;

1. Know What's Ahead

The TEAS exam consists of 170 items with multiple choices. Each section is allotted a limited duration for the answers. The time for each team is as follows; Reading (55 minutes), mathematics (57 minutes), science (60 minutes), and English and language usage (37 minutes).

2. Make Use of Study Groups

If you have close friends interested in joining a nursing course, you can form study groups to share knowledge and solve problems. In addition, there are many online groups, such as Facebook, where you can find resourceful friends with a common goal.

3. Use TEAS Practice Tests

TEAS Practice questions are freely available online. You can also get more test questions at a premium price. Practice questions can support your knowledge of what to expect in your TEAS exams.

4. Have a Study Plan

A study plan enhances your overall organization in your study process. Have a written schedule that you can follow in the letter. Use the study timetable without fail.


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TEAS practice test questions have many similarities to the actual exam. By familiarizing yourself with the practice questions, you'll promote good performance in your forthcoming exams. By following simple study tips shared in the article, you can score higher scores that qualify you for a reputable nursing school.

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