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As a nursing student or health care professional, you must possess the right skills to express yourself orally and in writing, an ability tested via the TEAS English test. This skill set is crucial while communicating with clients and workmates. You must make client notes and write educational resources for distribution to clients, among other duties.

To present your English skillset properly in the TEAS test, you must have a well- coordinated study plan supported by the right tools. To access the right study resources and support to score a guaranteed pass mark of 90%, subscribe to our TEAS test today.

This article contains the details you should know, such as; the frequently tested concepts, test duration, number of questions, and effective study methods.

You might want to have a look at the tips for preparing for TEAS practice tests before attempting TEAS english practice test.

What is Tested in the English TEAS Test?

The TEAS English test measures your skills in several aspects of the English language, including spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence construction, among other skills required to convey coherent communication to various audiences.

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How many English Questions Are On TEAS?

The TEAS English test consists of 28 questions. 24 of the 28 questions will have marks, while four will be unscored. The test lasts 28 minutes, meaning you only have one minute to answer each question.

The four unscored questions cannot be identified, so you need to give every question your best to get the best score possible. The scored questions are distributed as follows; Conventions of standard English (9), Knowledge of language (9), and vocabulary acquisition (6).

The TEAS 7 consists of 37 questions derived from the following categories; standard English questions (12), Knowledge of language and grammar (11), vocabulary, expressing ideas, and medical terminology (10), and four questions that are not scored.

The unscored questions can't be determined. All 37 questions should be replied to within 37 minutes; thus, you have one minute to respond to each question.

How to Prepare for TEAS English and Language Usage Test?

You need adequate preparation to excel in the TEAS English test like any other exam. You begin the process by reading extensively all the concepts being examined. This will give you sufficient Knowledge for each examinable area. Once you are confident of your skills and Knowledge of each subject matter, you can begin doing the exams through the free teas English practice test available online.

These tests are like mock exams and can give you a clearer picture of what to expect in the TEAS exams.

Sometimes you can face challenging questions through the free TEAS tests. This indicates that you must return to your study resources and explore the subject further. This time you'll be revising from the point of Knowledge, giving you a better opportunity to excel in your exams if you apply the skills appropriately.

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What Concepts Are On The TEAS Test?

The frequently tested concepts under the English test measure your English language comprehension. The major areas covered include; grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and punctuation. The following details the concepts captured in each sub- section.

1. Concepts Under Conventions of Standard English Section

This section aims at testing various aspects of the English language, such as punctuation and spelling rules. You will be required to remember English rules, such; as the use of colons and semicolons, among others. The following aspects are adequately covered;

  • 1. Ability to identify correctly spelled words
  • 2. Using correct punctuation marks
  • 3. Identifying the sequence of events
  • 4. Locating information using graphics
  • 5. Developing a conclusion from a text
  • 6. Drawing a conclusion

A total of 9 questions are examined from the above concepts.

2. Concepts under the Knowledge of Grammar and language section

This section is all about the use of grammar. The focus area here is agreement. If you are good at agreement questions, you can perform well in this section in your test exam. Similarly to the conventions of standard English, a total of 9 questions are tested from the following concepts;

  • 1. Subject-verb agreement
  • 2. Identifying the author's point of view
  • 3. Ability to use text graphics and features
  • 4. Determining biases within a text

3. Concepts Under the Vocabulary Acquisition Section

This part focuses on the correct use of the right words and tone. It makes use of synonyms, prefixes, and suffixes. Concepts covered under this area cover the following topics;

  1. Common prefixes and suffixes,
  2. How to identify primary sources
  3. Ability to make inferences
  4. Prediction formulations

How to Handle Each Question?

Before answering the questions, it's important to have the right approach to elevate your chance of giving the best response. The following three steps can help you undertake your TEAS English test appropriately.

1. Carefully Analyzing the Information

Questions related to the English test will give you informational details of a sentence or a short brief. You will then be required to identify elements within the sentence, complete the sentence or address sentence errors.

Each question will have a specific task that you'll be required to complete. You should read each question carefully, paying attention to grammatical rules, spelling, and punctuation, among other English rules. Once you are satisfied with the question's requirements, confidently give your best answer.

2. Predict The Response

TEAS exam questions consist of multiple choices. Sometimes, it's possible to predict the correct answer in the given set of answers before you put your final answer. Once you have an answer in mind, finding the correct answer quickly from the choices is possible.

3. Evaluate The Answer Choices

You can use the elimination method to identify the correct answers. The elimination method can be useful if you have a good mastery of the content regarding the responses listed. Begin the process by eliminating answers that you know out rightly they are not the correct answers. You might be surprised how this simple method can help you generate the correct answers.

You can also apply these Tips to Help You Pass TEAS.

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The TEAS English and language usage test covers three major sections: conventions of standard English, knowledge of language, and vocabulary acquisition. The concepts under each category aim to test your grasp of the English language.

With a well-planned learning process and sufficient TEAS English practice sessions, you can score good marks in your test exams as you aspire to join a Nursing course.

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