No student will want to encounter any form of problem during their TEAS exam. TEAS is an important exam for any aspiring nurse or health student since it helps in determining if their admission to a health or nursing school will be successful. However, there are things that can go wrong before their exam or during the TEAS exam. To increase your chances of passing the TEAS exam, it is important that you are aware of all these potential issues and know how you can handle them. The potential issues we will be listing were previously experienced by students who took the TEAS exam beforehand.

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Getting kicked out from the TEAS Test Multiple Times

There are TEAS test takers who claimed they were kicked out of the test out of nowhere. After their removal from the TEAS test, they had to do the logging-in process again, scanning the exam room and presenting their Identity card once again. High possibility this issue can throw off your exam rhythm, forcing you to lose your set time for the test.

However, it is possible for the exam takers to avoid this. They can avoid this by ensuring they have all the technical requirements well set up. The exam takers should also ensure they go through all the requirements and steps before the exam day to be aware of what to expect on the exam day.

With this, you can be sure you will not run into any problems like being removed from the exam room.

TEAS Test Loading Issues

There are times when the TEAS test computer screen will take some time to load before you can access the test questions. For example, there are test takers who did wait for close to 5 minutes before seeing the test button on the screen. `Most of the students did reveal they encountered the problem on the sign-in agreement page, the last step before they start taking the exam.

To counter this problem, you have to ensure that you sign in and are ready for the TEAS test at least 30 minutes earlier. No student will want to lose any time that is crucial for answering the test questions. You need to ensure that you are always ready to start answering the test questions when your time starts.

Linking the Mobile Phone to the Laptop

When you connect your mobile phone to the computer, there will be a pop-up alert on the computer screen whenever a text message, phone call, or any similar notification. This will distract your attention from the TEAS test questions and can also cause you problems with the proctor.

You can avoid this problem by ensuring you do not connect your mobile phone to a computer or laptop. Distraction during the exam period is one of the main causes that lead to aspiring health or nursing students' failure in the TEAS exam.

Other Distractions during the Test

There are several instances where distractions can take place in the background when taking your exams. The distractions can make it difficult for you to understand the questions. Some of the common distractions test-takers complain of are loud music playing at nearby buildings or outside and the hooting of buses and motorcycles along the road close to the exam building.

You can avoid these types of distractions by registering for a TEAS exam in an exam center located in a cool environment with a silent neighborhood. If there is something that is going on with you, try getting into a clear headspace. If the environment where you will be taking the exam is noisy, consider setting aside a quiet space to ensure you are 100% focused on the exam.

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