Nursing students must pass their TEAS exam to get admission into a nursing school. To pass your exam, you need to start your preparation on time. Unfortunately, there are times when working hard in your studies will not make your TEAS test anxiety go away. Hence, there are essential stress management tips from our years of experience helping students prepare for the TEAS test.

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Clock In and Out of Your TEAS Studies

After setting up your study schedule, you must treat your preparation like a job. That is, you need to clock yourself in and out of your TEAS studies according to your study schedule. Ensure you always do your best to stick to your study schedule. Whenever you are not in, never let yourself think about the TEAS. With this, you will be able to release your stress about the TEAS test between your study sessions.

Never Push Yourself When Studying

When you are worn out or tired, do not counter it by pushing yourself more. You can decide to step away and instead engage in a relaxing activity like watching your favorite movie . You can also take a walk or play with your pet. Thereafter, you can get back to your studies with a fresh mind and eyes.

Take time to Breathe in When Studying

It is advisable that you always take deep breaths whenever you are studying. Use your diaphragm to breathe into the stomach. Breathing in and out technique will help your muscles relax. When your body relaxes, your mind automatically relaxes.

Set Manageable and Small Preparation Goals

Ensure you set up small and manageable goals at the start of every week. It will enable you to make progress while studying for your TEAS exam. After that, reward yourself whenever you accomplish your small goals.

A perfect example of a small and manageable goal can be memorizing and practicing the Kaplan method until you do not have to think about the steps.

You can consider doing 20 math questions and practicing each until you can move efficiently and confidently from the information the examiners give to the right answer.

Ensure you review all the spelling rules TEAS will test you on until you can identify the words that use them and the common exception words.

Ensure you are in Good Health for Your Studies

good health

Having adequate rest, good health, and interacting with friends and family will make it easier to cope with your study challenges.

Ensure you have and stay by a regular sleep schedule as much as possible during your studies. Eat well, exercise, and spend your free time with those who care about you and those who help you feel good. Never fuel your studies with sugar and caffeine. These substances can make you feel alert but can damage your focus in the long run.

Always Know Why you are Studying

Whenever you feel tempted to skip your study session schedule because you feel worn out or something that you feel is of a higher priority just came up, remind yourself of the importance of getting a good TEAS score .

When you plan to study for 90 minutes and are unsure you can focus for that long, consider reducing the studying time to 30 minutes or 45 minutes. Studying while your mind focuses on what you are reading will increase your chances of scoring high on your TEAS exam.

Have the Right Preparation Mindset

right preparation mindset

You need the right mindset to increase your chances of exam performance. Keep telling yourself you can do this. Never fall into the trap of thinking that you cannot feel confident. That is just a self-punishing attitude that will hurt you. Instead, remember that confidence brings success. Ensure you are always confident about what you can do and achieve. You are definitely intelligent and ambitious; ensure you get into the TEAS exam room with all that.

Make a List of When You Feel Discouraged While Studying

If you start wondering if you will ever attain your TEAS goals, take a break from what you are doing and devise a list of what you are good at. Note down all the skills you are bringing to the TEAS.

For instance, you can have a list of the following:

  • Getting the main passage point .
  • Correct usage of commas in lists .
  • Identifying what the math question requires from you
  • Making a comparison of two fractions to find out which is larger
  • Explaining how oxygen gets into the human body

Keep the list of things you are good at in a secure place where you can see it daily. You can always add the lists as you continue studying.

We at Naxlex recommend that you come up with this list since many people focus on their strong points while studying. The list will enable you to spare more time on your weak areas.

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