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ATI Exit Exam is How Many Hours?


The ATI exit Exam consists of 180 questions; only 150 are counted towards your’ scores which you must finish within 3 hours. The exam’s passing requirement varies depending on your nursing school, but most nursing programs require that students score 70 or 80 on the your exam. You need a lot of preparation to attain this score, but don’t worry; Naxlex Nursing has your back.

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Why does ATI Exit Exam Take Three Hours?

You may wonder why the ATI exit exam takes that long. In this exam, you will tackle diverse topics in the nursing field; that’s why the exams take around 180 minutes. Between the tests, you will have a short break of about 5 minutes. 

If you’re taking the exam from a nursing institution, you may get an escort when walking to the restroom to ensure you maintain testing integrity. However, if you’re taking the proctored version, you may step away from your microphone and camera for a few minutes.

Here are the subjects tested on the ATI exit exam. 

What’s the ATI Exit Exam?

The ATI exit Exam predicts NCLEX‘s success by assessing the strengths and weaknesses of nursing students, focusing on management, priority, and delegation in the nursing profession. It helps you review specific areas of weakness and gain a solid grasp of nursing concepts before taking the NCLEX. Passing this exam is often a prerequisite for NCLEX eligibility in most nursing institutions.

How to Pass the ATI Exit Exam?

Do you want to pass your exam? Follow these three tips:

1. Focus on the Hardest Subjects

To succeed in nursing ATI exit exams, create an effective study plan tailored to your needs. Identify the subjects causing difficulties and prioritize the challenging topics within them. Focus on areas where you need help most rather than what you already know well. 

For example, if medical-surgical, OB, and psychiatric nursing are challenging, pinpoint the top three topics and identify the sub-topics causing the most trouble. This targeted approach will enhance your understanding and boost your exam performance.

2. Summarize and Memorize ATI Exit Exam Content

For an effective study plan, dedicate a few hours to the PM session, combining it with the AM session for a total of five hours of study time. Consistency and sticking to the plan are crucial to success. Ensure you condense unfamiliar information. Read Feynman Learning Technique.

Instead of struggling with nursing books, opt for Naxlex nursing condensed videos covering the topics from your morning session. Create a four-square outline on paper, dividing it into Heart, Lungs, Brain, and Other. Write key points and essential information for each topic, treating it like a filing cabinet for easy review during video sessions.

3. What Happens when you Fail the ATI Exit Exam?

Passing requirements for the ATI exit exam vary among nursing schools, with some allowing unlimited retakes and others offering a maximum of two attempts. It’s essential to consult your nursing program to understand its specific requirements and plan accordingly.

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