What to Do When You Fail a Nursing College Exit Exam
Naxlex Blog Nursing,RN Exam What Happens if After Failing a Nursing College Exit Exam

What Happens if After Failing a Nursing College Exit Exam

What to Do When You Fail a Nursing College Exit Exam

You may have passed all your nursing college exams but fail the nursing college exit exam. If you fail, you may not be allowed to graduate, and you won’t be able to take your NCLEX examination. That’s why passing your nursing college exit exam is crucial to achieving your nursing dream. But maybe you’re asking how I passed this challenging exam. In this blog, our Naxlex nursing study guide creators have prepared tips on avoiding failing the nursing college exit exam.

Naxlex Nursing prepares for your nursing college exit exam study resources that will propel your grades to A. With years of experience, we boast of offering over 5,000 students study materials that made them pass the exit exam on their first attempt. Join the thousands and prepare adequately using Naxlex nursing, nursing college exit exam materials like study guides, video tutoring, flashcards, test banks and practice tests. Our tutors work tirelessly to create unmatched study resources and update our site regularly, meaning there are more study materials daily.

Types of Nursing College Exit Exam

There are two common nursing exit exams

  1. ATI Exit Exam

The examiner uses the ATI exit examination to evaluate nursing students’ readiness for the NCLEX exam by identifying their strengths and areas needing improvement, particularly in nursing management, prioritization, and delegation skills. It is a valuable resource for students to pinpoint and address their weaknesses while enhancing their understanding of essential nursing principles before attempting the NCLEX. In many nursing schools, passing this exam is mandatory to qualify for the NCLEX. To attain these pass scores, you need to prepare well. Fortunately, Naxlex Nursing has all you need to pass this intimidating exam.

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  1. HESI Exit Exam

The HESI exit exam is an evaluation used by many nursing programs to assess your preparedness for taking the NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN exams. This exam has 75 or 150 questions, which you must finish in four hours. The HESI exit exam is administered during the final semester of a nursing program. The primary goal of the HESI exit exam is to forecast a student’s likelihood of passing the NCLEX. Naxlex Nursing has an excellent HESI exit exam study guide, so if you increase your predictability score by preparing earlier.

What’s Next After Failing the Nursing College Exit Exam?

Failing a nursing school exit exam should not define your journey toward becoming a nurse. There are numerous options to help you work towards your nursing goal.

  • Identifying the factors that hindered your success in passing the exam and then seeking resources like study guides to address those areas of weakness.
  • Explore live tutoring services from Naxlex Nursing, which can provide personalized assistance in strengthening the areas where you struggle.
  • As an aspiring nurse, you must take advantage of seminars and webinars to stay informed about current healthcare trends. This will equip you with industry best practices and ensure you have the necessary knowledge before attempting the certification exam again.

Can I Retake the Exam After Failing the Nursing College Exit Exam

If you don’t pass the HESI or ATI exit exams, most colleges and universities typically offer opportunities for retaking the exam. However, check the school’s retake policy to understand potential waiting periods or restrictions on the number of attempts allowed.

As you prepare for a retake, you might wonder if the nursing college exit exam remains the same each time. Since retaking this is quite common, there are multiple test versions. These versions follow the same blueprint but feature different questions.

Upon reviewing your score results, you may realize that you need improvement in only one test section. However, whether students must retake the entire exam or if they can retake specific sections depends on the policies of each institution.

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Let’s check how you can retake the exam after failing,  

  • HESI exit exam: You can take the HESI exam once every 60 days, up to three times a year. If you fail it three times, you must wait for the 12 months to pass before attempting it again, making sure you don’t exceed three attempts in a year. Colleges may have their policies, so check with your institution. Each retake requires paying the full exam fee, which varies but typically ranges from $30 to over $100.
  • ATI exit exam: The passing criteria for the ATI exit exam differ from one nursing school to another. Some institutions permit unlimited retakes, while others limit students to a maximum of two attempts. It’s crucial to confirm with your nursing program to know its unique standards and prepare accordingly.


Failing the college exit exam doesn’t mean you shut down your nursing dreams. Naxlex Nursing is here to help. We take pride in creating hallmark study guides that will help you pass your nursing college exit exam, whether the ATI exit exam or the HESI exit exam. Take advantage of regularly updated study materials that make your studying more diverse, covering all essential topics.

You can access our study resources, such as study guides, test banks, practice tests, flashcards and video tutoring at a student-friendly price. We value you and your money, so we offer a money-back guarantee if you pass our practice exams and fail your HESI or ATI exit exams. Don’t wait until you fail and retake your nursing school exit exam; try Naxlex nursing today and pass the exam on your first attempt.

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