can i take the nclex if i have a dui
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Can I Take the NCLEX if I Have a Dui?

can i take the nclex if i have a dui

The decision making competency of nurses is a crucial skill that must never be underestimated. Driving under the influence (DUI) is a grave criminal offense with serious legal and professional outcomes. So, if you ask, “Can I take the NCLEX if I have a DUI?” Previous Dui convictions or substance abuse can make you denied the approval to take NCLEX.

In addition, the nursing board may deny you the opportunity to enter or take advanced clinical nursing programs for a specified duration due to DUI offenses. If you have been arrested for DUI, you should wait to apply to take the NCLEX until your case is closed. If you need help with the NCLEX test, Naxlex can help you get a guaranteed A in the first trial.

How a Dui conviction impacts you to take the NCLEX exam

Dui’s conviction can affect your ability to take the NCLEX exam in different ways. One of the items that nursing candidates may find on the NCLEX application process regards legal convictions and board disciplinary procedures. If you still wonder, “Can I take the NCLEX if I have a DUI?” A Dui conviction, even a first offense, can affect your ability to take the NCLEX. 

A prior DUI conviction may not prevent an individual from applying to become a registered nurse, but you can be denied the chance to take the NCLEX exam. You could also be denied a temporary license if you have previous DUI convictions. The state nursing board might also extend your approval to take the test for a certain period. 

Many jurisdictions require candidates to give a notarized brief detailing the offense with a certified copy of the final court papers. The judicial documents must be sent directly from the court in a sealed envelope. The state board of nursing will then review the application and give the final decision on taking the NCLEX exam. In some cases, it is mandatory that your application to take the NCLEX is rejected.

If your application has two or more misdemeanor DUI convictions showing your inability to practice nursing, your application to take NCLEX will be denied for five years or more. Even one DUI conviction can have your application rejected if there are aggravating cases like issues with drug or alcohol abuse. 

Can I join a nursing school if I have a Dui conviction?

For many individuals, the dream of becoming a nurse is closer than they could have ever imagined. Joining a nursing college is a great achievement as it enables people to acquire crucial skills useful in their nursing careers. A past DUI conviction can worry potential nursing applicants. Several factors are considered before accepting one to a nursing school.

Young people are prone to errors, and mistakes made during teenage years do not have to hinder students from enrolling in nursing courses. Before aspiring nursing candidates can determine if a DUI can affect their chances of joining a nursing college, they should contact the school to confirm if a DUI affects their admission.

Many nursing schools need to perform due diligence checks on their candidates before placing them into nursing schools. DUI may not be a considered factor for all students. Other training institutions may perform background checks for Dui, but the students will still be accepted to nursing schools. Some schools will dismiss misdemeanor DUI reports and allow students in the school.

A crucial factor that many schools use to dismiss DUI records is the time in which the DUI was received. An older DUI record is not likely to impact your enrolment into a nursing school, but this also depends on the school you want to join. At times, it is possible to have DUI information removed from students’ records.

Every state has stipulated laws governing the removal of DUI information, so it is crucial to verify with your state of residence. Thousands of candidates pay to have their DUI records deleted so that it does not impact their chances of getting into a nursing school. The exercise can be expensive but worth it once the students are admitted into nursing programs.

Can you lose your nursing license if convicted of DUI?

Dui convictions can affect your nursing career in different ways. For instance, if you are a registered nurse in a city such as Livingstone, LA, you are required to notify the nursing board of any DUI conviction you have. If you commit the offense outside Louisiana, you’re required to report to the board if you’re a registered nurse in Louisiana.

The nursing board will assess your DUI conviction records and determine whether the facts indicate the occurrence was an isolated case or an ongoing issue with alcohol abuse. During the review process, the board may subject you to alcohol or drug screening. Based on the outcome, you might be monitored over some time and also required to take a drug treatment program.

If it’s the first time to experience a DUI conviction, you will probably undertake an evaluation process; it’s unlikely you will lose your nursing license. If the facts about the DUI conviction show you are addicted to alcohol, in that case, you might lose your nursing license due to your DUI conviction. 

It is important to provide correct information regarding DUI convictions. If you don’t disclose your DUI conviction to the board, you’ll be subjected to similar procedures that you would have if you had informed the board of your DUI status. However, you’ll also experience extra penalties and fines.


Can I take the NCLEX if I have a DUI? is a common concern to many nursing students wanting to take the licensing exam. Dui’s conviction is a serious offense that may or may not hinder candidates from joining a nursing school. However, it can only allow you the chance to take NCLEX. The nursing board review of the application will give a verdict on this matter. If you are preparing for NCLEX, you can get a guaranteed A in the exam by utilizing Naxlex resources. To get an A or 100% money-back guarantee, sign up to Naxlex.

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