How Often is NCLEX offered
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How often is the NCLEX Offered

How Often is NCLEX offered

How often is the NCLEX is offered is a question most students ask. You should know NCLEX exam is available year-round for initial test takers and those retaking the exam. To begin the process, aspiring nurses must select the state’s Board of Nursing to apply to. Each state has unique requirements, especially regarding work experience. Following this decision, candidates must arrange a testing appointment at a designated center. Upon scheduling, they’ll typically receive a test date within a month. Successful completion of the NCLEX leads to official certification as a nurse in the chosen state.

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What’s the NCLEX Exam?

The NCLEX, short for the National Council Licensure Examination, is a standardized test required for nurses seeking licensure in the United States, Australia and Canada. There are two versions of the NCLEX: one for licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and another for registered nurses (RNs).

Besides passing the NCLEX, nurses must also hold an accredited nursing degree recognized by their state’s nursing board. The NCLEX is a crucial assessment to gauge a nurse’s understanding and competence, ensuring they can practice safely. Passing the exam requires nurses to allocate time and locate a suitable testing facility.

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How do I know the NCLEX Exam Date?

When scheduling your NCLEX exam online, you’ll go through Pearson VUE, the organization responsible for conducting the test. You’ll set up a username and password during registration on their website. This account allows you to view and confirm your exam appointment date. Alternatively, you can schedule your exam by phone via Pearson VUE candidate services. Regardless of your chosen method, you’ll receive a confirmation email containing your test date and relevant details.

What to Expect on the NCLEX Exam Date?

Before entering the testing area, candidates must have their photo taken and provide a handprint for identification. Personal belongings must be left in the designated break room, as there are stringent regulations regarding items allowed inside the exam room. Upon entering, candidates will be directed to individual booths equipped with computers.

The exam duration is a maximum of five hours for PN candidates and six hours for RN candidates, although many complete it before the allotted time. After completing the exam, candidates will be asked to fill out a brief survey before being permitted to leave. Here are some additional insights into what to anticipate on exam day and how often is the NCLEX offered.

The NCLEX Final Preparation

Since you’ve learned how often NCLEX is offered, you need to bring the following items on your exam date:

Government-issued ID: On the test day, examinees must register and present a valid form of identification. Suitable forms of ID comprise any current government-issued ID with a name, photograph, and signature.

Exam time

  • Arrive in time: NCSBN advises students to arrive at least 30 minutes before the exam begins.
  • Monitoring: NCLEX exams are conducted at Pearson VUE testing centers and overseen by a testing administrator (TA). The TA collects prohibited personal belongings, such as jackets, bags, and food, before the start of the exam. Each student is provided with a whiteboard and dry-erase marker by the TA, who remains accessible throughout the exam to address any issues that may arise.
  • Breaks: Registered Nurses (RNs) are allocated six hours for the exam, while Practical Nurses (PNs) have five hours. Examinees can take two optional ten-minute breaks: one at the two-hour mark and another at the three-and-a-half-hour mark. Both breaks are deducted from the total exam duration.
  • Answering questions guidelines: The exam consists of a tutorial, a test, and a questionnaire. Applicants must go through each of these parts; none can be skipped. Once into the actual test, candidates must answer every question before proceeding to the next, even if they need to guess. NCSBN reports that only a tiny fraction, approximately two percent, of test takers fail to complete the exam, underscoring applicants’ importance in managing their time effectively and avoiding rushing through it.
  • Test interruptions: You can notify the testing administrator about any disruptions or problems during the exam, some of which may have specific exceptions.
    • If excessive noise exists in the testing room, the TA will furnish examinees with earplugs.
    • If technical issues persist for over 30 minutes, which is uncommon, the test taker can reschedule the exam at no cost.
    • If test takers encounter duplicate questions during the exam, they are advised to notify the TA to initiate the filing of a report.

What will happen after I Miss the NCLEX Appointment?

Failure to appear for, reschedule, or cancel your NCLEX appointment without providing three business days’ notice to Pearson VUE will result in the forfeiture of your examination fee and invalidation of your Authorization to Test. To take the NCLEX, you must reapply to Pearson VUE and submit the necessary fees again.

What’s the minimum NCLEX-RN Passing Score?

The NCLEX-RN exam has a minimum passing standard of 0.00 logits. A logit is a unit of measurement that indicates the relative difference between a candidate’s nursing proficiency and the difficulty level of the questions. To successfully pass the NCLEX-RN exam, candidates must answer questions accurately at a rate of at least 50%.

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Winding up

At Naxlex NCLEX, we know how often the NCLEX is offered and the challenges and time constraints of preparing for the NCLEX exam. That’s why we offer a range of interactive resources, including videos, quizzes, test banks, and study guides, to make your studying process more engaging and effective. Our materials closely mimic the official exam, with approximately 90% similarity, ensuring thorough preparation. We are confident in our approach and guarantee you will pass the NCLEX on your initial attempt. Don’t overlook this opportunity; explore our packages today to ensure you’re fully prepared for your upcoming exam.

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