HESI PN Exit Exam Study Guide
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HESI PN Exit Exam Study Guide

HESI PN Exit Exam Study Guide

The HESI PN exit exam study guide is what you need to sharpen your performance on the HESI exit exam. A good performance on your HESI exit exam shows your probability of passing NCLEX as you look forward to graduation. Preparing and passing for the HESI PN exit exam is crucial because the predictions are 98%  accurate, so if you pass the HESI PN exit exam, there are high chances that you will pass your NCLEX well, too.

Do you want to perform well in your NCLEX? It all starts with passing your HESI PN exit exam with the help of the Naxlex nursing HESI PN exit study guide. This study guide cover is well organized and majors with all the topics you need to pass your upcoming examination. After revising every topic, some questions will help you gauge how much you’ve understood the topic. The study guide is also simplified, ensuring it is easy to read to help you grasp even the hardest topics. Join thousands of students who have used it and passed their NCLEX on their first attempt. Do you want to know about our HESI PN study guide? Contact us.

What’s to Expect on the HESI PN Exit Exam?

THE HESI PN exam has 150 questions, mostly assessing your critical thinking and mimicking what you will tackle on your NCLEX examination. You have about four hours to finish the exam. You will face different questions, such as

  • Multiple responses: In some cases, you are required to choose one or more answers from five to seven given answers
  • Multiple choices: You will find questions that need to select one answer from the four given choices
  • Fill in the blank: You must calculate and submit the answer to other questions.  
  • Drag/drop: You need to rank the items in sequence in these questions.

Best Way to Study for the HESI PN Exit Exam

HESI PN exit exam is a crucial exam that gauges your probability of passing your NCLEX, so it’s important to prepare for it smartly. So which is the best way to study? Our tutors have prepared vital strategies that will help.

1. Use Naxlex Nursing HESI PN Exit Exam Study Guide

Having a Naxlex study guide makes it easier for you to study for your HESI PN exit exam. This study guide lets you review all you’ve learned under the same cover. Additionally, our study guide has different sections to help you prepare effectively. Among things you will find in this HESI PN exit exam study guide include the following;

  • Free practice questions
  • Vocabulary section
  • A summary and easily written revision section without diverting or diluting the content.
  • Images to help you understand better.

Here is a list of subjects our HESI PN exit exam study guide covers:

Nursing processClient needsSpecialties
ImplementationSafe environmentsNursing fundamentals
AssessmentSafety controlGeriatrics
AnalysisManagement of carePediatrics
PlanningIntegrityCritical care
EvaluationBasic care & controlCommunity Health
 Health promotionMedical – Surgical
 Pharmaceutical & parenteral treatmentsOBGYN
HESI PN Exit Exam Study Guide

2. Organize Your Study Routine

Ensure your study materials are well-organized, and create a study calendar in advance. Have a clear plan for what subject you’ll study each day and when. Consider setting up dedicated study blocks leading up to your HESI exam. Sharing a Google calendar with your loved ones can help them understand your study schedule and avoid interruptions.

3. Practice Repetition

Integrate repetition into your study plan to reinforce the material. For instance, you could study anatomy on Monday, revisit it on Tuesday, and review it the following Monday. This repetition is crucial for retaining the information until your HESI exam. Check the Feynman Technique.

4. Use Reliable Naxlex Nursing Practice Tests

Practice tests are a crucial tool. They serve two primary purposes for your studies:

  • Establishing a baseline score to assess your current level
  • Pinpointing your weak areas for improvement.

5. Identify Reliable Study Resources

Ensure that your study materials come from trustworthy sources, like Naxlex Nursing. Fortunately, we have excellent free HESI study resources and practice tests. Additionally, investing in a Naxlex nursing hallmark online prep course or HESI PN exit exam study guidebook can be highly beneficial, allowing you to focus on the specific subjects and topics relevant to the HESI PN exit exam without wasting time on irrelevant material.

How is the HESI PN Exit Exam Scored?

The HESI PN exit exam is scored from 0 to 950. We’ve prepared a table showing your HESI PN exit exam score and your probability score on the NCLEX examination

HESI PN exit exam scoreNCLEX predicted score
Over 950Outstanding probability
900- 940Excellent probability
850- 899Average probability
800-849Below average probability 
750- 799Additional preparation required
700-749Serious preparation required
650-699Danger of failing
Less than 649Expected poor performance

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Naxlex Nursing is a top-rated website with a well-researched and organized HESI PN exit exam study guide. We boast of helping over 5,000 students pass their HESI PN examinations and NCLEX. Why wait any longer? Start the journey of your HESI PN exit examination preparation with Naxlex nursing prep materials, and you won’t regret it. We offer you study materials like practice tests, video tutorials and flashcards at affordable rates. Contact us today and ace your HESI PN exit exam.

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