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How to Pass NCLEX RN in 75 Questions

how-to-pass-nclex-in-75-questions (1)

The prospect of advancing in your nursing career hinges on completing the NCLEX-RN examination, and it’s natural for student nurses to feel anxious about the possibility of failure. Nevertheless, according to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN), approximately 80% of all candidates pass the exam.

For first-time test takers, the likelihood of success is even greater. While some individuals may not pass on their initial attempt, they can retake the exam. Adequate preparation is essential in both scenarios.

Using Naxlex NCLEX practice questions, which closely mirror the content of the official exam, is among the most effective methods for NCLEX preparation. Our website offers over 5,000 practice questions free of charge. Additionally, users can create custom review sessions and practice exams tailored to their specific study requirements.

To ensure you maximize your chances of passing, use Naxlex NCLEX-free resources; it’s vital to grasp their relevance and application within the exam structure.

How to Pass NCLEX RN

You can also use these tips on how to Pass NCLEX RN in 75 Questions:

1. Understand the NCLEX Content

Understanding the subjects and topics covered on the NCLEX-RN exam is crucial for adequate exam preparation. Fortunately, there exists a standardized NCLEX-RN test plan, which categorizes content into four client needs categories. Each category constitutes a specific percentage of the exam. The test plan outlines a percentage range for each category, informing students about the proportion of questions from each topic they can expect on the exam. Naxlex NCLEX study resources cover all these categories, helping study smarter. Let’s check the NCLEX-RN majors on.

Management of careSafety & infection controlSafe & effective care environment15-21%10-16%
 Health promotion and maintenance6-12%
 Psychosocial integrity 
Basic care and comfort
Pharmacological & parenteral therapies
Reduction of risksPhysiological adaptation
Physiological integrity6-12% 13-19%9-15%11-17%

Many students tend to dedicate more study time to the categories that carry more weight in the exam, as outlined in the test plan. However, it’s essential not to disregard categories that appear to have a smaller percentage allocation. Multiple incorrect responses within the same category can significantly affect your overall score. Therefore, as a student, you should avoid prioritizing only a few categories for study, as this approach could diminish their chances of passing.

The NCLEX assesses a student nurse with a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of nursing care and communication, emphasizing the importance of being well-rounded in knowledge.

2. Have a study plan

A study plan is a structured schedule indicating when and what subjects to study based on the NCLEX test plan. It’s advisable to allocate several hours per day over several weeks for learning, with the specific time devoted to each section dependent on the exam date’s proximity.

Using Naxlex NCLEX practice questions and reading their rationales immediately after aids in comprehension and retention. As the exam date approaches, taking at least one practice exam resembling the NCLEX RN in 75 Questions in content and length is recommended.

3. Work on your weakest areas

After using our Naxlex NCLEX practice tests, evaluate feedback to evaluate your proficiency across all NCLEX-covered areas. Identify any weak spots and prioritize studying those areas, dedicating focused time to revisit the material throughout your preparation. Explore various methods to enhance your understanding in those weaker areas, such as reviewing lecture notes, Naxlex NCLEX study guide, and watching online review videos. Continuously reassess and repeat this self-assessment process throughout your study period to ensure comprehensive preparation for the NCLEX exam.

4. Familiarize with NCLEX RN in 75 Questions Types

Familiarizing yourself with the question types commonly encountered on the NCLEX RN in 75 questions can enhance your readiness and ease during the exam. The question types you may experience include:

  • Multiple choices: Most questions will be in a standard multiple-choice format, comprising a stem and four options. Among these options, only one represents the optimal response.
  • Charts and graphs: These question types are akin to multiple-choice questions but require using information presented in charts or graphs to determine the correct response.
  • Multiple responses: These question types, similar to multiple-choice items, necessitate selecting all the accurate responses.
  • Drug calculation: These items might require performing calculations to ascertain an accurate response. It’s essential to review drug calculations thoroughly.
  • Graphic test: This type of item resembles a multiple-choice question, except that all answer choices contain images. Then choose the most appropriate response.
  • Ordered response: In this question, all the options provided are correct, but you need to arrange them in the proper sequence.

Additionally, it’s crucial to consider various aspects of NCLEX questions. For instance, key terms such as:

  • First
  • Most
  • Best
  • Immediately
  • Increased
  • Decreased

The NCLEX identifies drugs solely by their generic names, not brand names. Questions requiring calculations specify whether the answer should be rounded to the nearest whole number or if one or two decimal places are needed.

5. Make use of the nursing process.

Always employ the nursing process, which comprises the five fundamental areas of nursing, as you analyze questions and select your optimal response. The steps of the nursing process will be integrated into many questions in various formats. For your review, you need to:

  • Assess the patient’s needs
  • Come up with a nursing diagnosis depending on those needs
  • Collaborate with the patient and their family to develop the care plan
  • Carry out the care plan
  • Assess and adjust the care plan as necessary based on the evaluation

6. Rest a day before the NCLEX RN in 75 Questions exams

You’ve been preparing for a long time, and taking a break a day before the exam date would be great. By allocating a day for relaxation, prioritizing nutritious meals, and ensuring adequate, quality sleep, you establish a conducive mindset for approaching the examination calmly and mindfully the next day.

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Naxlex NCLEX study materials and practice questions are the best way to help you adequately approach How to Pass NCLEX RN in 75 Questions. We are confident you will pass NCLEX RN in 75 Questions with 95%, and if you fail, we will have your money back. When you use our practice questions, we assure you that you will be equipped with a valuable understanding of the nuances of the actual exam. Don’t wait to fail or at the last minute. Use Naxlex NCLEX practice questions and ace them in your NCLEX RN.

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