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How to check NCLEX results trick.

Future nurses who have done the NCLEX will likely be nervous and anticipate getting their results, which is crucial toward starting their nursing career. The Pearson Vue NCLEX trick is one of the methods for checking for results. Preparing for the NCLEX is complicated, and the results received using the Pearson Vue NCLEX trick can define your future as a nurse. The trick might offer reassurance or momentary disappointment, but the outcome rests with the official results. Thus explore How to check NCLEX results trick.

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Understanding the Pearson Vue NCLEX Trick.

The Pearson Vue NCLEX trick is a commonly used method to get NCLEX unofficial results before the official results are released. Analyzing the system’s response can determine whether they’ve passed or failed the exam. The results appear as “good” or “bad” pop-ups.

What is the NCLEX good pop-up?

This happens when you get a response stating that you can’t register for the exam because you have already taken it.

In this context, a “good pop-up” is a good sign, implying that you have likely passed the NCLEX.

What is the NCLEX bad pop-up?

Alternatively, there is also the “bad pop-up.” This occurs when you are allowed to continue with the registration and pay for another exam attempt. The “bad pop-up” often implies a failed attempt.

Unofficial Pearson Vue NCLEX Results

Many nursing students have used the Pearson Vue NCLEX trick to get results, but it is essential to understand that this method is unofficial. The state nursing board releases the official results, the only reliable source of your NCLEX results.

The unofficial results from the trick do not indicate the actual results and should not be considered definitive.

Is the Pearson Vue NCLEX Trick reliable?

The Pearson Vue NCLEX results trick is only sometimes accurate. Despite giving you a rough idea of whether you passed the NCLEX exam, remember that the trick should only be used for unofficial results.

How Soon Does the Pearson Vue Trick Work After Taking NCLEX?

While some curious students use the trick pretty soon after attempting the NCLEX exam, it is advisable to wait a bit longer to give the system ample time to process your results accurately.


  1. Take the NCLEX exam and submit it.

After finishing your exam and submitting it for scoring, the server receives your information promptly. However, the duration varies depending on your testing location. Your Pearson Vue account must indicate that your test is finished before you attempt to use the trick.

  1. Log in to your registered Pearson VUE account.

After logging in, follow the on-screen prompts step by step. This part is necessary for when you need to return to the re-registration page.

  1. Click  “register” and attempt to register for the NCLEX exam.

Here, you will be required to put down your credit card information. If you are concerned about being charged, you can try to enter an invalid expiration date. Remember that this could complicate using the trick because there’s a possibility that your card will be declined for inaccurate information.

A good pop-up is when you get feedback indicating there is a recently scheduled exam or that another registration cannot be made. It implies you aced the NCLEX. Conversely, if you can re-register, you will receive a bad pop-up with your registration confirmation, which means your previous NCLEX attempt was unsuccessful.

Advantages of the Pearson NCLEX Trick

  1. Waiting becomes less stressful.

Using the Pearson NCLEX trick might be a good idea because knowing whether you were successful on the exam can help reduce stress as you await official results from Pearson.

  1. It is easier to decide your next steps.

Depending on whether you get a good pop-up or the opposite, you can decide if you need to get ready to retake the NCLEX or relax while awaiting your license. Either way, using the PVT may take some guesswork from knowing what to do as you wait.

  1. Money-saving aspect

If you use the Pearson Vue Trick, you may discover that your probability of excelling is high and consequently save money you would have otherwise spent on re-registering and retaking the test.

Disadvantages Of the Pearson NCLEX Trick

  1. The Pearson NCLEX trick is not 100% accurate.

The most disappointing thing that might happen when you use the PVT NCLEX trick is that you might think you have passed the exam but later find out you did not. Although you may receive the correct result, the trick is not an official and reliable result provider. The nursing board is the only official site to give official results.

  1. You will be charged for re-registering to retake the NCLEX even though you passed.

In most cases, individuals who pass the NCLEX get a good pop-up, which means a passing score. When this happens, the website denies you access to re-register for the test. On the other hand, you can be charged erroneously, even if you pass the exam. Unfortunately, the NCSB does not issue refunds for NCLEX registration, no matter the circumstance.

  1. You must wait for the official results.

You must wait for the official results before you decide whether to retest or get to work as a newly licensed nurse, even though the Pearson Vue NCLEX trick is a shortcut,

Conclusion:  How to check NCLEX results trick

If you have taken the NCLEX or are preparing to do so, you will obviously be eager to receive your results as soon as you can. You may have heard about the Pearson Vue NCLEX trick as one of the hacks. While tricks and hacks may not always be accurate, they determine whether you pass the exam. You must wait for official results from the board of nursing in your state. The PVT gives you peace of mind about the possibility of your success on the examination or the need to retest.

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