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Is the New NCLEX easier?

A common question nursing students ask about the Next Gen NCLEX is whether or not the exam is easier than the old NCLEX. The short answer is no; the Next Gen NCLEX is more challenging. The NGN is an improved version of the older one, with new question types and a new scoring system designed to measure test-takers clinical judgment skills better. 

How can Naxlex help?

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Changes on the new NCLEX

While you can now receive partial credit for questions, the exam’s content is just as challenging as it has always been, hence why Next Gen NCLEX test prep is critical, as is familiarizing yourself with the new NGN item types.

Key changes include:

Next Generation NCLEX (NGN): 

Developed for clarification of the candidate’s clinical judgment abilities, the NGN gives more attention to the simulation of credible cases and decision-making.

New Question Types: 

The recent changes in the NCLEX include Case-based and scenario-based questions, Matrix multiple-choice questions, and Extended Drag and Drop questions. These questions are intended to elaborate on critical thinking and clinical judgment better than previous questions.

Increased Focus on Clinical Judgment:

The NGN still focuses on clinical knowledge; however, it differs from the previous examinations in that candidates are able to solve rather typical and realistic problems in the form of a number of questions.

Revised Test Plan:

The test plan of the present work has been amended based on the current guidelines and nursing practices, and suggestions from educators and practicing nurses have also been considered.

How many questions are on the NCLEX?

In addition to the fifteen unscored pre-test questions, test-takers can expect to answer at least 70 to 135 scored questions on the NCLEX in the new next-gen format—the NGN uses a  Computerized Adaptive Testing system so that questions are customized to each test-taker. CAT uses an algorithm to deliver different questions with varying difficulty based on how the test-taker performed on the previous question, which means no two NGN exams are exactly alike.

How is the new NCLEX scored?

One of the major changes in the Next Gen NCLEX is how the new exam is scored. The old NCLEX scored answers as either correct or incorrect. Moving forward, the new NCLEX will use a polytomous scoring method to allow for partial credit on certain questions. The new scoring system allows for more precise measurement. It takes into consideration the complexity of the new NGN item types. Having different ways to assign partial credit also reduces random guessing.

Strategies for getting ready for the new NCLEX

Make ample preparation by studying the case format questions and matrix multiple choice questions, among others. Use the practice tests and sample questions from specifically recognized sources like Naxlex to increase confidence and stakes.

Clinical Experience Emphasis and Critical Thinking

STRENGTHEN your clinical REASONING and critical thinking capability through the use of learning through scenarios and simulations. Engaging in the exercises in different settings to enhance your decision-making skills is advisable. Naxlex contains definite resources that can help to develop these skills.

Utilize Updated Study Resources

Make sure that the questions and concepts you practice are relevant to the new test plan that can be expected on the NCLEX. Stick to resources that are tailored to the NGN. Naxlex provides study aids and practice questions that are compliant with the recent changes in the NCLEX.

Practice Time Management

The new arrangement of the NCLEX tests is a lot more challenging; hence, time management is very important. Mock yourself up in the pace-setting by always ensuring that you spend a particular amount of time answering all the questions.

Seek Support and Guidance

One should consider getting a group of students or even instructors who understand the new format of NCLEX testing. It is helpful to know other people’s thoughts about information and approaches to improve preparation. Naxlex provides specific assistance in explaining and illustrating all the changes in the new format of the exam.

Challenges of the New NCLEX

Increased Complexity

Although the new NCLEX models itself after real life, it can be even more taxing due to the type of questions it has. Scenario-based queries and those that probe the subjects’ clinical judgment are generally more cognitively complex and demand a speculative analysis.

Coping with New Question Types

The candidates must ensure that they understand the new types of questions that are set in examinations. This means a certain extra effort and rehearsal, as the conventional forms of learning may not help succeed at the new question types.

Higher Cognitive Load

Relying on the clinical judgment and critical thinking of an individual concerning the assessment and evaluation of a client entails the compilation and synthesis of information from various sources at the same time. This higher cognitive load may be stressful and can thus contribute to the levels of difficulty during examinations for some. 

Conclusion: Is the New NCLEX easier?

The New NCLEX is designed to gauge a candidate’s ability to work as a nurse in a practical environment by focusing on clinical reasoning and decision-making. While some nurses may complain that the materials for the new examination are harder compared to those of the previous kind, others will prefer the contemporary nature of the exam to reflect the actual practice of nursing. Subsequently, the ease or difficulty of the new NCLEX hinges directly on previous preparation, understanding of the new format of questions, and adaptation to think through concepts in real-life situations and contexts. Thus, it has been ascertained that with the help of the updated study materials, the excess of scenario-based questions, and the major concentration on critical thinking skills, the candidate may increase the level of preparedness and, therefore, the possibility of passing the new NCLEX. The great resources and professional assistance provided by Naxlex make it an excellent support in this process of preparation.

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