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How to Pass the ATI Exit Exam


Completing nursing school is an achievement, and you should feel a sense of pride for reaching this point. However, before you can finish, one final challenge is to pass the ATI exit exam! While you might consider tackling this independently, we’ve gathered the best valuable test-taking tips and exam strategies to help you prepare.

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What are the Smartest Ways to Pass the ATI Exit Exam?

Nursing schools use ATI exams in various subjects throughout the program, including pediatrics, obstetrics, community health, and pharmacology. In the final semester, students take the Comprehensive Predictor Assessment or exit exam, which predicts NCLEX’s success. Passing scores are often necessary for graduation. Failing students must undergo remediation with a review plan before retakes. For first-time to pass the ATI exit exam, consider these study tips.

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Use Naxlex Nursing Practice Tests

If you’re a student in ATI test-based programs, you must get practice tests from a reputable platform like Naxlex Nursing. This is because it’s crucial to take this practice test before the actual exam to become familiar with the ATI exam’s question types. Analyze your scores to identify areas that require further study.

Practice Time Management

Nursing schools using ATI tests provide review books, recorded lectures, and clinical skills demos for exam preparation. Studying and comprehending this material well in advance is essential to pass the exit exam. Aim to review the videos and textbooks daily after class since they cover the same subjects as the ATI exam. 

You can also use the Naxlex nursing study guide for the ATI exit exam. Additionally, For time management tips, use the time management for Nurses course, to offer you strategies for success in nursing school and beyond.

Take Advantage of a Live tutor from Naxlex Nursing

To enhance practice test scores or complete remediation, identify areas for improvement by discussing results with a Naxlex nursing live tutor. Use supplementary study resources to review challenging topics thoroughly.

For instance, the Fundamentals of Nursing  Naxlex nursing course offers self-paced video lessons and quizzes on nursing safety, fluid balance, and the immune system. Reinforce learning with  Naxlex Pharmacology Flashcards and the  Naxlex Nursing Science of Nutrition course covering digestive system anatomy and essential nutrients.

Focused on Challenging Subjects

If you feel confident and proficient in certain nursing subjects, that’s fantastic! Focus less on studying those areas and dedicate more time to challenging issues. While a review is beneficial, utilizing your time wisely will increase your chances of understanding and recalling the nursing topics necessary to succeed in the ATI exit exam.

Skip Books

While nursing books contain essential information for nursing school, their length and cost may not be ideal for busy students. A more effective strategy for passing ATI 

the exit exam is adopting a razor-focused study approach.

On the ATI Exit Exam Day

Apart from the mentioned study tips, consider these general test-taking strategies to pass the ATI exit exam:

  1. Prioritize comfort. Ensure a good night’s sleep and wear comfortable clothing to stay focused and avoid distractions.
  2. Be prepared. Double-check the test’s location, time, and required materials to avoid any last-minute surprises.
  3. Arrive early. Avoid being late by arriving at the test site ahead of time, promoting a relaxed and composed mindset.
  4. Maintain a positive attitude. Remember, one test doesn’t define your entire nursing career. Stay calm, focus on each question individually, and confidently approach the exam.

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How Many Questions Are in the ATI Exit Exam?

The ATI exit examination has 180 questions, but only 150 are included in the student’s scores. The passing score requirement varies among colleges and universities, but most nursing programs mandate a score of 70 or 80 to pass the exam.

How is the ATI Exit Exam Scored?

The ATI exam aims to predict the likelihood of passing the NCLEX based on your score. For instance, it might provide score predictions as follows:

  • If you score between 80.7% to 100% ATI exit exam, you have a 99% probability of passing the NCLEX.
  • If your score falls between 78.0% to 80.0% on the exit exam, you have a 98% probability of passing the NCLEX.


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