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What are the Scoring Ranges for the HESI A2 Exams?


If you’re aspiring to join a traditional or accelerated nursing program, you’ll likely encounter the HESI entrance exam, also known as the HESI A2 or HESI Admission Assessment Exam. HESI A2 Exam evaluates your skills and knowledge in a range of subjects scores ranging from 0% – 100%. To pass HESI A2, you must get HESI A2 scores of 75% and above.

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This exam covers everything from measuring your English proficiency and reading comprehension to assessing your grasp of mathematics, science, biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy, and physiology. Although there is much to cover, Naxlex has a solution for you. THE HESI A2 practice test from Naxlex covers all the subjects and topics deeply to help your HESI in your first trial. Take advantage of these timed practice tests to ensure you grasp the ambiance of the actual exam to avoid exam tension on testing day.

Breakdown of Scoring Ranges for HESI A2 exams

The HESI entrance exam consists of 10 subject exams, but it’s important to note that not all schools require students to take all 10 sections. Schools will specify which sections are mandatory for their applicants, usually ranging from 3 to 5 sections. Ler’s take a look at scoring ranges for HESI A2 exams.

Each exam section is scored individually on a scale of 0 to 100. The nursing school determines the minimum passing score for each section. Most institutions have a passing score requirement of 75% for each section, while others may set different criteria, such as 75% for one section and 80% for another.

You will also receive a composite score after individual scores for each subject exam. It is calculated by averaging the scores from all the subtests. This composite score comprehensively evaluates a student’s overall performance on the exam.

Here is HESI score breakdown

How Long Does it Take to get HESI A2 Results?

If you take the HESI A2 exam electronically, you will receive immediate access to your scores. However, you will receive a detailed score approximately seven days after the exam to get a more comprehensive performance breakdown.

A detailed score report is valuable for students, providing a section-by-section performance analysis. It offers insights into your strengths and areas that require improvement, allowing you to understand your exam performance better and moreso scoring ranges for HESI A2 exams.

How to Pass HESI A2 With a High Score?

A HESI score after Naxlex Practice Tests will determine whether you will join a nursing school or your application will not pass. You must work smart to pass to avoid a nursing program denying your application. Here are tips on how to study smart.

  1. Have a Study Schedule

To effectively prepare for the HESI exam, establish a well-structured study schedule. Allocate one to two hours for your study sessions. Tailor the content of each study session according to the specific HESI sections required by the nursing school you are applying to, as well as your proficiency in the subjects assessed.

Avoid the temptation to cram and attempt last-minute preparation for the exam. Instead, prioritize advanced preparation using Naxlex HESI A2 practice tests to maximize your likelihood of achieving success. Plan to get ample time for studying. This will help you perform well on the HESI exam.

  1. Re-check your Answers

When tackling each section of the HESI A2 exam, utilize any remaining time to review and proofread your answers thoroughly. Using every available minute, you can enhance your score.

Avoid the temptation to rush through the exam and aim to finish early. Instead, adopt the mindset of utilizing each section’s allotted time. Even a marginal improvement of a few percentage points can make a significant difference in securing admission to the nursing school of your dreams. So, prioritize making the most of the given time to maximize your chances of success and learn how to pass with Naxlex.

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  1. Answer Questions Starting with the Easiest

A helpful strategy for the HESI A2 exam is to start with the sections you are strongest in to reduce pressure. Similar to warming up before exercising, this approach builds confidence and momentum. By completing easier sections first, you can tackle more challenging sections more easily and potentially achieve better results.

  1. Use HESI Study Aids

There are different HESI A2 study aids you can make easy for your exam preparation. You can use HESI visual study aids, practice tests, and Naxlex prep HESI prep course. You can also utilize YouTube videos and HESI flashcards. Resources like Naxlex HESI Practice Test will help you memorize challenging terms and understand formulas instead of cramming.

  1. Follow Instructions Carefully

A crucial aspect of the HESI exam is assessing students’ ability to maintain attention to detail even in high-pressure situations.

Certain questions in the exam are intentionally crafted to include distracting instructions. These instructions might present multiple technically correct answers, but only one option will consistently be the “best” answer. Leanr how to handle these questions with Naxlex HESI Practice test.


HESI A2 is an important exam that you must pass. Instead, getting a library of books when studying for the Naxlex HESI A2 practice test will help you pass your exam within your first trial. Don’t wait to retake the exam; join a million students who used it and were admitted to the nursing schools of their dreams. Naxlex offers a well-designed practice test with easy-to-understand answers, making your HESI preparation easy.

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