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How to Prepare For TEAS Science TEST

Prepare for Teas Science Test

Science and the medical field have a close working relationship no matter which medical career you want to pursue. Most medical advancements and technology nurses and other medical professionals rely on scientific studies. If not for science, the level of medical knowledge will never be where it is today. Before you realize your dream of becoming a nurse, you must pass your TEAS Test. We will help you prepare for the teas science test

At Naxlex, we offer practical and reliable study resources for nursing students. Our TEAS Science practice tests will help you know your strengths and weaknesses. We have efficient tracking tools that will help monitor your progress. 

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What Is The TEAS Science Subtest?

The science subtest makes up a significant percentage of the TEAS 7 exam. It almost equals the number of questions and time you will receive for the reading subtest. You will have approximately 60 minutes to answer 50 questions. All the questions will be in multiple-choice formats. There are four categories of Science subtest covers; Human anatomy and physiology, scientific reasoning, life and physical sciences, and pretest questions. 

TEAS Science Practice Test

Studying is not easy despite every student wanting to pass their exam. The TEAS Science practice test is an essential component that will help prepare students for their exams. You can practice the TEAS science test online any time or any place you want. It will help increase your chance of passing your exam with ease. 

TEAS practice test comprises excellent features and benefits. Here are some of the common TEAS practice test features:

  • Test Questions: The TEAS practice test has 700+ practice questions with complete answers and clear explanations. Questions cover all four TEAS sections. The TEAS practice test questions enable you to understand the questions you will encounter during the exam. The test questions will also help you know how to time yourself well during the actual exams. 
  • Clear and Easy-to-Understand Explanations: Every TEAS Science practice test question comes with a clear and easy-to-understand explanation. It makes it easy to understand why your answer is wrong or right. It also enables you to remember the knowledge better and avoid missing it in the future. 
  • Full TEAS Practice Test: After reading all the topics, you can now test yourself by tackling the full TEAS practice test. You will have access to several practice tests when you sign up for the premium package
  • Customer Service: Naxlex values all its users. That explains why we have a reliable and 24/7 customer care service department. You can reach us via email, and we will always reply to any questions about TEAS exams. Never hesitate to contact us whenever you experience any kind of problems. 

How Do You Study For The TEAS Science Exam?

The TEAS Science practice test and the Science study guide will offer you a great way to familiarize yourself with exam questions. The questions can easily overwhelm you since they cover anatomy, biology, chemistry, physiology, and the scientific method. You must put in much effort to improve your TEAS science score. 

What Is New In the TEAS 7 Science Section? 

There are a lot of changes in the TEAS 7 science section when you compare it to TEAS 6. For instance, in TEAS 6, the Science section did have 53 questions spread over three sub-sections. Teas 7 has only 50 questions spread across four sub-sections. Six of the 50 questions are unscored, with the remaining 44 scored. 

The TEAS 7 scientific reasoning and the human anatomy and physiology sub-section is the only consistent sub-section with the TEAS 6. The physical and life science sub-section of TEAS 6 are now Biology and Chemistry sub-sections in TEAS 7. 

There are two versions of the TEAS test: The pen and paper version and the online version. You will solve multiple choice questions on the pen and paper version while facing alternate types of questions with the online test. 

How Best Can You Prepare For The TEAS Science Test?

The TEAS Science TEST topics are pretty complex. You will need to study well and understand and memorize large amounts of information to increase your chance of scoring high.

Therefore, performing well in this section is quite complex when you do not prepare well. Worry not! We are here to help you pass your exams by ensuring you prepare well. Use the tips below to help you prepare well for the upcoming TEAS Science Test. 

Never Try Doing Everything at Once

With the several topics you must cover, it can be pretty tempting to cover everything simultaneously. Covering everything at once is a bad idea since you will overwhelm yourself and burn out. You should know when the exam will start and have a study plan that enables you to cover all the exam topics. Ensure you spare more study hours for the most challenging issues.

Always Dig Deep

You will only encounter surface-level understanding questions in the TEAS test in rare cases. The exam questions will constantly challenge your deep understanding of the subject. Furthermore, the exam will also test your ability to apply the knowledge practically. You must dig deep into each topic and understand it sufficiently to pass your TEAS exam

Read Carefully

The strict time limit tempts many students to skim the questions and provide quick answers. However, this can easily lead to errors in reading and understanding the questions making you answer some of the questions wrongly. When studying, ensure you take lots of TEAS practice tests to help you build a habit of reading and understanding the questions before answering them. 

Familiarize Yourself with TEAS Science Test Format

 You must familiarize yourself with the alternative questions on TEAS 7. Taking TEAS science practice tests will help you know the test formats. Besides helping you familiarize yourself with the test formats, the practice tests will also enable you to understand your weakness and strengths. 

Struggling to pass the TEAS exam? Pass on the first time

Studying for the TEAS takes much of your precious time and adds to the stress. Naxlex engages you through interactive learning tools such as quizzes, videos, and study guides.

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