how a proctor can detect cheating students during teas test
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How A Proctor Can Detect Cheating Students During A TEAS Test

how a proctor can detect cheating students during teas test

Some students become smart and resort to using innovative ways to help them break the rules during TEAS Tests. Since most institutions today use online proctored examinations instead of pen and paper, some students have devised new ways of cheating. Here, we will be explaining how a proctor can detect cheating students during a TEAS test

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Candidate’s Background Has Audible Sound

TEAS test candidates have to grant proctor access to their microphones. It will make it possible for the proctor to hear sounds from the background or the candidate. It is the reason why the proctor requires all TEAS tests to be taken in a calm and silent environment. With this, the proctor can hear everything in the exam room, and even the keyboards will be audible. 

Seeing Through the Webcam

The proctor will be using the candidates’ webcam to view everything within the camera field’s vision. It explains why a webcam is a mandatory requirement for those taking the TEAS test online. The webcam enables the proctor to have a clear view of the student’s hands and heads together with the background. 

However, this will only affect the direction the webcam is facing. Anything that is behind the webcam will not be visible. To counter this, the proctor will always request the candidate to scan their exam surrounding using the camera before the commencement of the TEAS test. That explains why the entire room needs to be well-lit when sitting for your exams. 

Screen Mirroring or External Monitor 

Although some students have used external monitors for different reasons, the proctor can now access and deactivate any secondary monitor before or during the TEAS test. 

You should inform the proctor in advance if you have a special reason why you are using an
external monitor.

Browser Activities

The candidates’ laptops must have proctor browser extensions for both Firefox and Chrome. The extension will allow the proctor to access the different functionalities. 

With the extension, the proctor will be able to access the following:

  • Access the students’ data on all the websites 
  • Get data from the clipboard 
  • Clear recent browsing cookies, histories, and any related data 
  • Input data to the clipboard 
  • Access the students’ location 
  • Make modifications and reading of privacy settings 
  • Monitoring extension usage and management of themes
  • Displaying notifications to you 
  • Accessing the browser tabs 
  • Accessing all the browser activities 

The students’ location will also be available during the examination timeframe, and some of the activities will be deactivated. 

However, some candidates complain that such an access level is an invasion of sensitive information that the proctor can misuse despite assuring them their personal information is safe. 

Virtual Machine

Despite some candidates being able to surpass the proctor security by use of a virtual machine when taking their TEAS test, the option is no longer effective. There have been changes in measures to counter the virtual machine vulnerability. 

It is important to note that there have been modifications to counter such vulnerabilities and countermeasures from ATI. 

What Happens if Proctor Finds a Cheating Student?

Cheating is a violation of academic integrity and comes with severe consequences. Any cheating incident is always filed and assigned to the three different levels of urgency. With this, ATI will identify the severe form of cheating when the TEAS test is going on to help determine the most appropriate punishment. 

Here are some of the possible punishments:

  • Students to repeat the exams and make fresh registration¬†
  • In certain instances, the student will have to permanently withdraw without getting any reward 
  • Substantial points can also be deducted 

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