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TEAS 6 vs TEAS 7 – An in-depth comparison


TEAS 7 and TEAS 6 refer to different versions of the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) exam, a standardized test to assess the academic preparedness of students seeking admission to nursing schools and other allied health programs. We take a look at TEAS 6 vs TEAS 7. Which one is good for you?

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The fundamental differences between TEAS 7 and TEAS 6 are the content and structure of the exam. TEAS 7 has a slightly different test blueprint and covers more topics than TEAS 6, particularly in science and math. TEAS 7 has more questions than TEAS 6; TEAS 7 contains 170, while TEAS 6 has 150. If you’re preparing to sit for your TEAS 7 2023, Naxlex will help you prepare for this exam with the best TEAS prep course.   

Why is TEAS Preparation so Important?


Passing the TEAS per your school admission requirements is mandatory because it is often used as a factor in the admissions decision-making process. Nursing and allied health programs typically have limited spots available. The TEAS score differentiates applicants by performance and determines the most qualified candidates to succeed in the program.

More so, passing the TEAS exam may be a requirement for certain scholarships or financial aid programs. It can also be used as a benchmark to evaluate students’ academic progress throughout their nursing or allied health program.

Students taking these exams need thorough preparation to get the required score to join nursing school. That’s why it’s recommended to use a TEAS prep guide from Naxlex. Our TEAS prep course will help you get what you deserve and more to join the school of your dreams. This prep course covers all the possible questions on the ATI TEAS examination. 

Similarities and Differences in TEAS 6 vs TEAS 7

In 2021, ATI announced TEAS 6 as the required standardized test for students before joining the nursing program. While on the 3rd of June, ATI released the latest TEAS 7 test and replaced the TEAS 6. 

So if you’re taking the TEAS in 2023, you’re supposed to take TEAS 7 since phase 6 is outdated. Here is an insight into the major differences between TEAS 6 vs TEAS 7:

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TEAS 6 Reading45 QuestionsTEAS 7 Reading53 Questions
Key Ideas and Details15Key Ideas and Details22
Craft and Structure9Craft and Structure14
Integration of Knowledge and Ideas15Integration of Knowledge and Ideas11
Pretest questions6Pretest questions6
TEAS Reading
TEAS 6 Math36 QuestionsTEAS 7 Math38 Questions
Numbers and Algebra18Numbers and Algebra23
Measurement and Data16Measurement and Data9
Pretest questions4Pretest questions4
TEAS 6 Science50 QuestionsTEAS 7 Science53 Questions
Human Anatomy and Physiology18Human Anatomy and Physiology32
Biology9Life and Physical Science8
Chemistry9Scientific Reasoning7
Scientific Reasoning9Pretest questions6
Pretest questions6Pretest questions6
TEAS Science
TEAS 6 English and Language Use37 QuestionsTEAS 7 English and Language Use28 Questions
Convention of Standard English12Convention of Standard English9
Knowledge of Language11Knowledge of Language9
Using Language & Vocabulary10Vocabulary Acquisition6
Pretest questions4Pretest questions4
TEAS English

However there’s a similarity between ATI TEAS 6 and TEAS 7 paper-pencil versions. They both have the same multiple answers for the questions. However, if you are taking TEAS 7 computer-based version, there are four question types: multiple select, Hotspot, supply answer, and ordered response. Let’s check what each question type entails.

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Question Types in TEAS 6 vs TEAS 7

Multiple Choice 

The multiple-choice questions provide four answers with one option as the correct answer. You may also find exhibits, charts, and graphics in these questions.

In this type of question, you must read each answer carefully and eliminate all the wrong answers. Pick the only answer that seemed correct. Multiple answer choices come with facts traps. Avoid getting distracted by the answer choice that looks factual but doesn’t answer the question.

To avoid distraction, you’re supposed to predict the answer before looking at the answers given since you know what to look for in answers. Naxlex Study Guide can also guide you in navigating the questions.

Multiple Select

You’re provided with four answers in multiple selections, and more than one may be correct. For such questions, you are supposed to select all the correct answers that apply. In case you choose an incorrect answer or fail to select all correct answers, you fail that question. There’s no partial credit awarded to the question. 

The trick behind the multiple select strategies is treating each answer as true or false. Then decide if the choice is correct based on the criteria of the question. Learn how to make an educated guess with Naxlex Study Guide.

Hot Spot 

This type of question has an image with two to five clickable areas. When it comes to ATI TEAS 7, You need to use the image area that answers the question correctly. Hot spot questions are tricky, so you must check the clickable areas carefully before answering. Hot spot questions look like multiple-choice questions and can be categorized under the same umbrella. 

Supply Answer

Supply answers are not similar to multiple choices; instead, you’re given a question to fill in the blank. To answer these questions correctly, you must read and reread the question with your answer to ensure the sentence makes sense. Also check out TakeMyClassPro.

Ordered Response 

The ordered response questions need you to arrange the answers correctly. Most questions provide four to six responses that you must drag from to a box on the right in the correct order. If you miss ordering all the responses correctly, your answer is marked as incorrect, and there’s no partial credit awarded. 


Looking at TEAS 6 vs. 7 comparisons, nothing significant has changed. The tests are still the same with similar subjects and topics. Some subjects’ number of questions has slightly increased or decreased. But that shouldn’t worry you.

With the Naxlex TEAS practice, you’ll have a clear guide. With these practice tests passing TEAS 7 is guaranteed with a more than 80% score. Also you don’t have to worry about losing your money, Naxlex will offer you a 200% money-back guarantee if you pass our Naxlex TEAS practice test with at least 80% and fail the actual ATI TEAS actual exam.

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