how to register for the teas exam
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How to Register For the Teas Exam

how to register for the teas exam

There are several reasons why nursing is a great profession. Besides offering a chance to help
people and save lives, you can be sure of always having work to do. Before realizing your dream
of becoming a nurse, you must first get admission into a nursing school. All nursing schools
have guidelines and requirements you need to ensure successful entry. Some standard
conditions are a letter of recommendation from past teachers or employers, proof of paid
application fee, and official TEAS exam scores. Today, we will be taking you through how to register for the Teas exam

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Most students who go through the TEAS exam registration do so because they intend to join a nursing school or a health program. Depending on the program, there are different requirements students need to achieve before they can register for the TEAS exam.

Some universities or colleges may require particular coursework before allowing a student to
enroll in a health program. While the courses vary, most include foundation skills like math,
reading, science, and English.

The students must also discuss their TEAS exam registration with the university or college they
intend to enroll in. The reasons may include passing scores, the deadline for registration, and
how many times they can attempt the examination. The students will also have to inquire if
they can take the exam at the university or take it through other exam centers like the ATI
testing site.

How to Register for the TEAS Exam

The TEAS exam registration process can be overwhelming, especially when the candidates are unsure where to get the correct information. The test takers need to know the most current registration information and the exam is available at the school they plan to attend.

 The candidates who need to register for the TEAS exam can follow the procedure below to ensure they successfully register for the test:

  • Go to the official ATI website and click on the registration button.
  • Select the testing method they prefer (Can either be online or in person)
  • Select the test of the program they want to test (Can either be allied health or nursing)
  • Choose the testing time and date
  • Review all the information and add all the necessary transcripts
  • Review order
  • Check your email for the confirmation information

Candidates must include a testing transcript when registering for the TEAS test. If the candidates choose to have more than a single transcript, they will have to pay a fee to buy external ones.

Candidates must know that most institutions allow up to three testing attempts within a year. It is always important to check the protocol with the admission department. In most cases, candidates must wait at least 30 days from the prior exam before they can take the second TEAS test.

TEAS Exam Contents and Format

The primary purpose of the TEAS test is to assess foundational skills. Hence, the candidates should understand the format of the exam and what information they need. During the registration process, the candidates need to know the exam has a total of 170 multiple-choice questions that will take 209 minutes.

The Math section measures the candidate’s skills in data analysis, number theory, algebra, and measurements. The reading section covers text structure, fundamental concepts and details, and basic knowledge and skills relating to reading strategies. The science section tests the candidate’s understanding of physical and life science, anatomy, and physiology. The English portion tests the candidate’s language skills, vocabulary concepts, and conventions.

Each of the four sections has a time limit. The math section has a 54-minute time limit, with the reading section having 64 minutes, the science section having 63 minutes, and the English and language usage section having a time limit of 28 minutes.

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