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TEAS test taking strategies for nursing students


If you wish to join a nursing institution, the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is mandatory for the institution to say yes to your application. Find the best TEAS Test Taking Strategies for nursing students. From using TEAS Flashcards to study before the exam and using spaced repetition to timing yourself well during exam, find all the best tips and tricks to ace your TEAS Exam.

Did you know 40% of TEAS students fail and must resit the exam? Most students don’t take it with the weight it deserves. You must prepare for this test six weeks before the test day. When you use the Naxlex ATI TEAS 7 practice test, you have better chances of scoring higher, thus not falling in the retake bracket. If you’re wondering if these TEAS practices are worth it, the good news is that the Naxlex test bank has over 750 questions to help you for this exam that acts as a bridge between you and your dream career. 

Which Subjects are on the TEAS Test? 

The test comprises 170 questions with multiple choice covering diverse subject areas you studied in your secondary schooling. There are 209 minutes to complete the test, but there are time limits for each topic and set of questions. In the exam, you will tackle the following subjects. 

  • Reading: are you good at picking themes and details, and are you good at integrating knowledge and ideas? Then this will be your favorite subject since this is what you will be tested for. This section has 45 questions, which you must finish in 64 minutes. 
  • Math: TEAS focuses on algebra measurements and data interpretation skills in math. The section features 38 questions, requiring solving all problems in 57 minutes. The testing body provides the calculator; you don’t have to carry one.  
  • Science: has 50 questions to do within 60 minutes. Most students find science complicated because the test features anatomy and physiology. Scientific reasoning, biology, and chemistry. 
  • English and language usage: this test offers 37 questions to finish in 37 minutes. This section, Your knowledge of standard  

Acquiring skills in time management and breaking down complex questions into simpler components can decide between a poor result and a satisfactory score on the exam.

Moreover, strong vocabulary knowledge is crucial for achieving a good grade. The ability to deduce the meaning of unfamiliar words and a solid comprehension of specialized terminology relevant to the test topics can give test-takers an advantage during the exam.

Let’s check how you can prepare for TEAS before, on, and after the test.

TEAS Test-Taking Strategies on Pre-exam, Test day, and After the Test

Before the Exam

To perform above the other test takers, you must prepare adequately to pass the test. Remember, so many students in the US are taking TEAS, so you must outshine them by;

1. Planning early 

Before booking for the TEAS test, you need to have a plan on how to prepare by answering these questions.

  1. How long will you prepare for the ATI TEAS 7 test? 
  2. Which are the most challenging areas? 
  3. Which resource do you have? 
  4. How busy is your schedule besides TEAS 7 preparation? 

Considering these questions, preparing for the exam is easier because you can spot the challenges and spare more time to work on them. Additionally, scheduling your time in case of an emergency is manageable. You will also be equipped mentally and physically. 

2. Take Advantage of TEAS 7 Practice Tests

This is one of the most important TEAS test-taking strategies. Although you can independently study various subject areas, obtaining a TEAS 7 practice test is advisable to enhance your preparation for the exam. Taking a TEAS practice test allows you to become familiar with the types of questions to reduce exam anxiety. 

It could be beneficial to time yourself during the practice exam to help you determine your time for each section. The Naxlex TEAS test bank has diverse TEAS practice questions that will boost your performance on the actual test. They say practice makes … Perfect!

Naxlex TEAS Practice Platform

What to Do on the Day of your TEAS Exam

1. Things to bring in ATI TEAS test room 

It’s Exam Day! You’re headed to the TEAS Testing Centre. The TEAS testing centers are rigorous on what to bring in and what not to. You only need to get 3 things:

  • Your ID: all test takers must bring their government ID with a photograph. The ID must have your signature and address, like a passport or driver’s licence.
  • Two pencils: you must bring two well sharpened attached with erasers. This is very crucial for students taking paper-based TEAS tests
  • Login information: if you are taking TEAS online, ensure you have your account login information on the ATI testing website

2. Answer All Questions

Answering every question is very important. Even if you don’t know all the answers ensure you answer them. Since each question is limited, you shouldn’t spend much time on one question. In case you don’t know the answer, don’t get anxious; skip it and tackle it last. Since you can’t get penalized for wrong answers, ensure you guess answers instead of leaving blank spaces.

The Exam is Over. Now what?

If you’re taking the TEAS online version, you will receive your results and TEAS Exam Report immediately, but if you took it from the testing centre, you will receive it within 72 hours. You should relax and wait for the results; you shouldn’t beat yourself up if you don’t perform as expected. Lay your feet up, take a swim in the lake and relax with your friends.

Conclusion on TEAS Test Taking Strategies

It is key to prepare for TEAS well in advance and rest-well the day before the exam. If you take advantage of these TEAS test-taking strategies, you are sure to pass the TEAS exam on your first attempt!

Lack of adequate preparation for TEAS can lead to disappointment, so you should plan before using the Naxlex  ATI TEAS practice test to overcome testing anxiety. The Naxlex website also provides a test bank with over 1000+ questions and answers you need to prepare for TEAS.

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