Naxlex Blog TEAS Practice Test Where can I take the TEAS Test in San Diego?

Where can I take the TEAS Test in San Diego?


Nursing is one of the professions with the highest demand in the US. However, before enrolling in nursing school, you must pass the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS). Fortunately, you can take the TEAS test in most parts.   

Are you seeking admission to nursing school in San Diego? You must do well on the TEAS exam. The Naxlex ATI TEAS 7 Practice Test will help you succeed in all test sections, such as Reading and English Language Usage, Mathematics, and Science. The Naxlex TEAS study guide offers the TEAS 7 practice test free which will help you acquire effective study habits, practice sample questions, and devise a plan for the test day.

The Institutions you can Take ATI TEAS Test 7

Here are colleges and universities that offer nursing programs, and where you can take your ATI TEAS Test 7 Test at in San Diego.

  • San Diego State University
  • University of San Diego
  • Point Loma Nazarene University
  • National University
  • San Diego City College
  • Grossmont College
  • Southwestern College
  • Palomar College
  • MiraCosta College

Best Online Platforms that Will Help you Prepare for TEAS

The nursing career can be in demand, but it’s also very competitive, that’s why you should adequately prepare for the TEAS to get admission to the nursing program. The easiest way to stay focused and prepare for the TEAS is using study guides, TEAS materials, and ATI TEAS Practice Test 7. If you haven’t, you plan to take the TEAS test, consider these ATI TEAS strategies, practice, and review materials because the nursing institutions recommend them.

You can find ATI TEAS Practice Test 7 online from different websites if you’re under a tight schedule. Here are the most reputable sites you can get the TEAS practice tests. 

  • Naxlex TEAS practice tests: If you use their study guide, this site guarantees a 90% score during your actual TEAS exam. The site offers many features that will help you prepare for the test. The guide provides over 700 hundred practice tests well illustrated with an in-depth explanation and you can choose a premium or premium plus package with live tutoring and performance tracking. Before purchasing, you can try TEAS 7 practice test free and see what to expect in TEAS.
  • ATI TEAS practice assessment: ATI TEAS  has great practice tests, although costly since each costs $50. After taking this test, you get your score report to mark your progress easily. Unfortunately, there are two ATI TEAS practice tests on this website. 
  • Kaplan TEAS test bank: Kaplan website offers questions with comprehensive explanations. You can also create queries based on areas you need more help. However, most exam takers find it expensive. 
  • NurseHub Free TEAS Practice Test: NurseHub website is one of the sites that offer ATI TEAS Practice Test 7 for free. The site offers questions with vivid explanations. However, nurse hub doesn’t provide full-length TEAS practice tests. But you can purchase five full-length TEAS tests at $49.99. 

How to calculate TEAS Test Scores?

The TEAS exam comprises three main components: Content Score, Sub-Content Score, and Total Score, each of which is based on individual sections. The Content and Sub-Content Scores determine an individual’s academic readiness level for health sciences programs and each sub-section within a content area is given a specific weight, contributing to the final score.

Only correctly answered questions are scored by ATI, the test administrator. Therefore, skipping difficult questions may not be the best approach to passing the test. Ensure you answer as many questions as possible since you have a high chance of getting a higher score.

After you take the TEAS test online, you will receive your score immediately after the exam while in contrast while students taking the paper version of the TEAS will need to wait for their scores to be graded by ATI for up to 72 hours.

ATI TEAS Score Range

The TEAS scores are categorized into different academic preparedness levels sections which are based on the student’s overall score for the whole exam. 

TEAS Academic Preparedness Levels ATI TEAS Score Range
Developmental0.0% to 40.7%
Basic 40.7% to 58.0%
Proficient58.7% to 79.3%
Advanced 80.0% to 91.3%
Exemplary92.0% to 100%
ATI TEAS Score Range

 What is the TEAS Pass Score?

The ATI, which administers the TEAS exam, does not establish a standard passing score for nursing programs since each institution sets its requirement. Nevertheless, based on the admission criteria of nursing programs nationwide, the average TEAS score is around 60%. The passing score for these programs typically falls between 65% and 75%, depending on whether it is a bachelor’s or associate degree program. Check out TakeMyClassPro.


To get a good TEAS score, you must thoroughly prepare using reputable material like Naxlex ATI TEAS Practice Test 7. The practice questions include three full-length practice exams that imitate the TEAS exam. After taking your tests, you will get an exam preparedness report that will help track where you need to improve.

Don’t panic about losing money like most TEAS practice test offering sites. Naxlex offers you a 200% money-back guarantee if you fail your exam after passing and completing their study guide. Subscribe today and enjoy the most excellent features.


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