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How to Get Good Grades on Your TEAS Exam


To gain admission to nursing schools of your choice, you may be required to submit the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) results. This test is challenging to most students, and it stands between them and the career of their dreams. However, various helpful resources are available to prepare for the exam, whether free or paid. Thus, being familiar with these resources can be crucial in getting good grades on your TEAS Exam.

Whether it’s your first take or retake, TEAS preparation is crucial. That’s why you need a reputable study guide from Naxlex that features ATI TEAS test 7 practice questions similar to the ATI TEAS 7 test. Naxlex practice questions have helped more than 3,000 nurses get admission to nursing programs. Our study guide features more than practice questions. Subscribe today and gain access to: video explanations, performance tracking, subjects study guides, live tutoring, and much more.

Here are ways to help you succeed in your ATI TEAS 7 exams.

Helpful Tricks that Will Help Good Grades on Your TEAS

Use Practice Tests

For you to prepare for the TEAS test, practice tests are a valuable resource that can be accessed for free or through purchasing study guidebooks or online courses. Taking practice tests can help you identify your areas of weakness and receive customized feedback along with a recommended study plan based on your results.

However, it is essential to choose timed practice tests in the format of the TEAS real test and contain questions similar to those on the actual test. Although many free practice tests are available online, not all of them are high-quality, and investing in an excellent online course can be worthwhile in preparing for the TEAS test. Ultimately, investing in your future by taking advantage of good resources is beneficial for success in the TEAS test.

Take Advantage of YouTube Videos

YouTube is a valuable study tool, providing access to channels dedicated to subjects such as math and science without cost. These channels provide videos that cater to visual learners, making them a valuable resource for TEAS test preparation. Go to YouTube and search channels focusing on TEAS preparation, and you can learn faster than perusing piles of books.

Take a Reputable Online Course

Online courses have become increasingly popular for TEAS test preparation and offer many advantages over traditional print study guides. Online courses are more interactive and include practice tests that simulate the actual exam. Many online courses have a proven track record of helping students pass the TEAS test. Naxlex guarantees a 90% pass rate after taking our prep course.

These online courses are designed to cater to all learners, whether they prefer visual aids or reading and listening to lessons. With such comprehensive coverage of learning styles, online courses can be a valuable resource for students preparing for the TEAS test.

Join a Peer TEAS Preparation Group on Facebook

Facebook is another great way to prepare for your upcoming TEAS. Several groups with a vast community of over 10,000 students are all preparing for the TEAS test and sharing helpful resources and tips on achieving high scores. Additionally, you might be weak in certain subjects and find a peer teacher to help you understand the key ideas.

Use Multiple Study Sources

Sometimes, a resource may not cover all the topics you want or go into as much depth as required. In contrast, other resources might cover those topics in a way that is better suited to your learning style. Thus, it is advisable to use multiple study methods.

Don’t stick to one learning method. You can complement each other by using sources such as practice exams, note-taking, flashcards, YouTube videos, and study guides. This approach is similar to collaboration and support among healthcare team members, which will be necessary for a nursing career.

Learn Which Study Style Suits You

Most students don’t know their learning style, or even if you have an idea, things change after high school. First, learn your study style; it will make studying for your TEAS easier. Note this once you identify your style, avoid cramming but learn to understand the concept. Take this Learning Style test to find your studystyle.

Stick to your Study Plan

Customizing and sticking to your study plan is an effective way to ensure all topics are covered while staying organized. Repetition is also essential in retaining information. A widely-used technique called spaced repetition involves scheduling specific study topics on certain days, ensuring you revisit certain topics on different dates. Check out TakeMyClassPro.

For instance, you can study math on Monday and review it again on Wednesday and the following Monday. This way, you can retain the information longer, instead of studying a topic for a day and moving on, only to forget it a few weeks later.


You may be wondering if the TEAS test is difficult. The answer is yes if you don’t know where to start. Luckily, Naxlex offers free TEAS practice tests that will help you familiarize yourself with the exam format and get good grades on your TEAS Exam.

Use the Naxlex practice test and fully prepare for all subjects since these tests are developed by skilled tutors who have taken TEAS. With so many unique features, it’s a guarantee you will pass your TEAS with excellent grades. Try Naxlex today and join millions of nurses who passed it and joined different nursing programs in the US.

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