The reading part of the TEAS exam examines your skills in specified and complicated aspects of the reading tasks. To help you prepare for this area of the teas test, this blog post provides the details you need to know concerning the teas reading practice tests. It covers several issues, including; topics explored, the number of questions, and effective preparation methods.

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What Is On The TEAS Reading Section?

The reading part of the teas exam consists of three major topics: Key ideas & details, the craft and structure, & integration of knowledge.

The total time allocated for the reading section is 55 minutes, while the questions examined on the teas seven exams are 45, six of which are unscored. Teas reading practice tests can be great prep tools for this section.

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Each segment of the reading part explores various concepts that are examined in the real test. The following details are what's covered under each section.

1. Key ideas and details

Fifteen questions of the teas exam will be tested from this segment. The key concepts and topics discussed in this sub-section include;

  • Topic ideation and support particulars.
  • Summarizing a text.
  • Detecting information from a text.
  • Seeing information from a graphical representation.
  • Figure out text conclusions.
  • Realizing the author's text purpose.

2. Craft and structure;

Nine questions will be evaluated from this area. This part of the reading section examines the following aspects;;

  • Identifying the writer's purpose, ideas, and biases.
  • Understanding context clues.
  • Identifying the author's point of view.
  • Understanding figurative language.
  • Figure out text conclusions.
  • Text features.

3. Integration of knowledge and ideas;

Fifteen questions will be appraised from this sub- section. The concepts and topics learned addressed include;;

  • Kinds of information sources.
  • Making logical conclusions and inferences.
  • Assessing and linking sources.
  • Assessing arguments.
  • Figure out text conclusions.
  • Comparing and evaluating themes.

How to Pass Reading Test in TEAS?

Passing your teas exam can be easy when you follow the correct preps. With proper strategies, you can score good grades in your efforts to join a nursing school.

But what can you do differently to ensure you achieve the required passing mark on your first attempt? You can use the following practical methods to pass the TEAS reading section without a sweat.

1. Read Effectively

Naxlex practice questions As you prepare for the exam, you must read effectively to cover the key examinable areas. Key ideas, details, and integration of knowledge and ideas will each consist of 10% of the total reading questions. Craft and structure will evaluate 6% only. You can study usefully when you know what to expect in the exam.

2. Grasp the Main Idea

As you go through practice questions, you should be able to evaluate the author's point of view. By reading the passage, ask yourself what the writer wants me to know. Once you understand this, you can find an answer by eliminating the responses that do not meet the perceived author's expectation.

As you give your final answer, look for the big picture in a contextual framework. The passage questions will focus mainly on "big ideas." Questions related to the big picture may require you to perform the following;

  • Identify the main concepts from a whole passage.
  • Discuss how the course is organized.
  • Summarize the author's passage.
  • Follow the instructions issued in the passage.

The above are some of the important skills that you need to master if you genuinely want to pass your teas reading practice test.

3. Understand Typical Questions Examined

The teas reading practice test evaluates different types of items that you need to go back and forth trying to grasp the content and issue your final answer. You can simplify your prep activities by breaking the expected questions into three simple categories to save time and ease your exam pressure.

  • Questions that need you to evaluate the whole passage.
  • Questions that require you to find certain sections or words.
  • Questions that need your application of critical thinking.

Knowing what you should do on each category of the questions can assist you in excelling in your teas reading practice test in your initial trial.

4. Use Top Rated Practice Test

What other great strategy can you use to pass your teas exam other than the practice test that mirrors the actual exam you'll be doing? Imagine practicing the exam using questions with a 99% accurate prediction of a real exam. Let's share a few details about the test prep that can improve your teas exam performance on your first attempt.

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The Practice Test Vs. the Exam

The practice test questions mimic what you will face in your final exam. It explores the core topics broken down into easily digestible content for easy comprehension. Also available is live video tutoring to give you much-needed guidance and support.

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