Effective Tips for Passing TEAS

The TEAS test is a standardized, high-stakes admissions exam requiring students to be prepared and familiar with the material covered. Many nursing schools require their students to undertake TEAS exams to ensure they have the necessary knowledge and academic skills to succeed in nursing school. This article discusses the various Tips For Passing TEAS.

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While not all nursing schools require their students to take TEAS tests, it pays to be prepared for the exam. The exams can be difficult; however, you can use various resources to prepare for the test. Here are the tips to prepare for and pass the test.

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Tips for passing teas

Know what to expect

The test has 170 multiple-choice questions that assess the student’s knowledge in:

Mathematics - 54 minutes

This section focuses on your mathematical ability to make particular calculations. These skills help medical professionals measure vital signs and determine medication doses throughout their careers. It presents questions related to data, measurements, and algebra.

English and language use - 28 minutes

The English and language use section tests your grasp of the English language and communication skills. This helps medical professionals make accurate changes and additions to medical records and relay important information to other professionals and patients. The questions test your ability to understand basic sentence structure and grammar.

Reading - 64 minutes

This section tests your ability to comprehend and extract vital information from large blocks of text. This skill is essential for healthcare professionals when speaking to medical staff and patients. The section requires you to read written passages and answer a series of questions related to the text.

Science - 63 minutes

This section tests your knowledge and understanding of medical sciences like physiology, anatomy, and biology. The skills help future medical professionals perform various occupational duties and care more effectively. It gauges your overall scientific reasoning skills and includes chemistry questions.

Make a plan

It's good to plan before beginning your studies to better prepare for the test. You should ask yourself how long you have before taking the test and what study environment you work best in. You should also consider whether you study best alone, with a friend, or in a group. Research what areas you are most worried about and what resources you have to help you with your preparation.

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Finding honest answers to these questions prepares you better for potential challenges.

It helps you schedule your time appropriately and get all preparations on time in case an unexpected eventuality comes up. Determining what you must do in preparation for the test also helps you get better prepared by allowing you to care for your physical and mental health.

You should study with other test-takers and learn from them. Various members of your group have strengths and weaknesses, and studying together helps each member learn from the other. Additionally, different group members will share learning techniques that could benefit the entire group.

Partnering with your study group can also help you meet your study goals. Select group members with enough understanding of at least one of the four primary subjects. This helps balance out your group allowing each member to develop their knowledge.

For instance, a member who’s strong in reading but good in math can share knowledge with one who’s strong in math but flawed in reading. They can tutor each other to get them better prepared for the exam.

Taking practice tests before the exam helps you understand what the test will be like and what you must do. Several free and paid practice tests, online courses, and study guidebooks are available to help you study for your test. You can find various tests on google, some of which are timed just like the actual test.

Additionally, some tests can give you customized feedback regarding areas you should improve upon, including recommended action plans to help you prepare for your tests based on your results. Doing this enables you to keep calm, make better preparations, and understand how to take the tests.

TEAS tests are challenging, and preparing with the most realistic questions helps you understand what to expect and how to prepare. Timed, practical questions provided in the same format as the actual test are the best ways to help you better prepare. You may have to invest in the practice tests; however, it will be worthwhile.

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Each section of the TEAS test is timed. Thus, time management is crucial before and during the test. Avoid taking too long to answer a question during the test, especially if you don’t know the answer. Answering the questions quickly and efficiently leaves more time at the end of the test to review your answers and make necessary changes.

Taking several timed practice tests helps you learn how to handle various time management challenges and address them before taking the test. You will be told when the time is up however, it also helps to sit facing the clock or wear a watch during your test to help you stay on schedule.

If you are a perfectionist, you may want to take your time and answer all the questions accurately. However, you may only know some of the questions and could run out of time toward the end of the test. You shouldn’t panic if this happens. Instead, you should move to the next question and answer the difficult questions once you finish the exam.

You won’t be penalized for the wrong answers, and it helps if you answer each question since you could be right. Remember your progress throughout your studies and recognize that your strengths will positively impact your results. Understand that putting down your answer is better than not placing one.


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TEAS tests can be challenging; however, preparing well is one of the best strategies for passing your test. You should get conversant with the test’s rules and guidelines to help you understand how to do the test. These tips will help you learn how to make good preparations.

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