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So, what is a Good TEAS Score?

A good TEAS score is any score that gets you into your nursing school choice or health program. Every nursing school has its own minimum TEAS score. Some set a minimum score on every TEAS exam section. Others do not have a minimum score for every section. Always check with the school you want admission to for their TEAS minimum score requirements.

How TEAS Test Is Scored

Every student will get a composite score that reflects their overall performance. Every TEAS test section will have sub-score, as shown in the example below:

  • TEAS Composite Score: 75%
  • Math: 65%
  • Reading: 85%
  • Science: 70%
  • English and Language Usage: 80%

The composite score is the top score.

TEAS Score Ranges

Each test administration has a different national mean composite score. In most cases, the score ranges between 65% and 75%.

Top TEAS Score

ATI considers the top TEAS score exemplary. Here is the range of the top TEAS score.

  • TEAS Composite Score: 90.7% – 100%
  • Math: 90.7% – 100%
  • Reading: 90.7% – 100%
  • Science: 90.7% – 100%
  • English and Language Usage: 90.7% – 100%

Competitive TEAS Score

It is the score that is always above the national mean, and ATI considers it as Advanced.

  • TEAS Composite Score: 78% – 90%
  • Math: 78% – 90%
  • Reading: 78% – 90%
  • Science: 78% – 90%
  • English and Language Usage: 78% – 90%

Less Competitive TEAS Score

It is the score that places you around the national average, and ATI considers it as Proficient.

  • TEAS Composite Score: 58.7% – 77.3%
  • Math: 58.7% – 77.3%
  • Reading: 58.7% – 77.3%
  • Science: 58.7% – 77.3%
  • English and Language Usage: 58.7% – 77.3%

Below Average TEAS Score

They score below the national average, and ATI considers them Developmental.

  • TEAS Composite Score: 0% – 58.0%
  • Math: 0% – 58.0%
  • Reading: 0% – 58.0%
  • Science: 0% – 58.0%
  • English and Language Usage: 0% – 58.0%

Importance of Getting a Good TEAS Score

Here are some reasons you should always strive to get a good TEAS score.

Helps in Improving Your Chances of Getting Admission to Your Dream Program

Some students qualify for nursing school or health program admission but still miss out. A higher TEAS score will enable you to outshine the fierce competition and secure a spot in your preferred school or health program.

Reduction in Class Sizes

After the COVID-19 pandemic, schools have come up with tighter restrictions that prevent class overcrowding. Reduction in class sizes has made schools settle for students who score high in TEAS exams.

The First Attempt Matters

Most schools pay attention to all your TEAS test scores. It means the schools will consider your first attempt and the preceding ones. Most of the strong candidates will consistently score high on their first attempt.

There are Few Attempts

Most schools allow a few attempts on the TEAS test every year. To complicate it further, some schools mandate 30 days before you can attempt the exam again. Getting a good score on the first attempt means you will save time and won't stress yourself with sitting for another test.

Possibility of a Rise in TEAS Exam Fees

With the ever-changing inflation rates, most products and services costs increase after some time. There is a high possibility the TEAS exam fee will increase when you want to pay for another test. Scoring high on your first attempt will save you from the stress of paying more to sit for the same exam.

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