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How to Calculate Teas Test Scores

teas practice test

“How do you calculate your Teas Test Scores?” The TEAS test examines an individual’s fitness to enroll in colleges or universities offering nursing and allied education courses. The teas test scores are calculated based on total, content, and sub-content scores.  But firstly, before delving deeply into how to calculate teas practice test scores, wouldn’t you be happy if you approached the ATI teas exam confident of passing with a guaranteed score of 90%? Yes, you heard right; to achieve that excellence, subscribe here.

This blog post discusses critical details you need to acknowledge regarding the calculation of teas test scores, test sections, teas test score ranges and reports.

Calculate Your Teas Test Scores?

In order to calculate overall teas test score, you should note that:

  • The responses achieved in every sub-content location are considered to help generate the test score.
  • The grade comprises three parameters: total score, content score, and sub-content score.
  • The scores range from 0-100%. The three areas are scored based on the marks achieved in each separate section.
  • The test content areas have been developed to examine critical skills that measure an individual’s readiness to enroll in a health science program.

Generally, each unit is allotted a particular weight in order to calculate the terminal test test score. The teas test score generated relates to the responses given to each item on the individual sub-content zones.  The scores for each sub-section area consist of all the sub-units within a given sub-area.

Each of the other content zones contains subsections with individual answers and scores. Considering math content areas, for example, numbers and algebra, and measurement and data will be used to create the test score for that subsection. A similar approach will be used to provide the weighted score for the remaining content areas, including; science and scientific reasoning.

One of the most significant things to know is that ATI test scores are awarded to questions with the correct answers. It is, therefore, crucial to give answers to all questions, no matter how challenging a question might be. You must complete all the questions to ensure your overall test score is met.

how to calculate teas test score

The TEAS Test Score Range

Besides the scores allotted to individual parts of the TEAS test, candidates get an academic readiness rating to discover their preparedness to partake a health science course. The exam overall score for each student dictates the score ratings. The following information shows the relationship between the academic preparedness level and the test scores.

  • Developmental level; the teas test score ranges between 0.0%-40.7%.
  • Basic level, the teas test score ranges between 40.7%-58.0%
  • Proficient level; the teas test score ranges between 58.7%-79.3%
  • Advanced level, the teas test score ranges between 80.0%-91.3%
  • Exemplary level; the teas test score ranges between 92.0%-100%

The information on academic preparedness level gives candidates and schools a projection concerning the overall exam performance. With the information, candidates and schools can find specified scoring sections to get more details. For instance, by investigating the exam’s math section, a candidate knows which part of the section was challenging.

Besides, if their teas test score was below the school’s expectations, the score report will provide details on specific areas the candidates need to improve. With the keen implementation of the test score report, the student can progress tremendously in their next exam.

How to Get Your Teas Test Score Report?

How soon you receive your teas test score report depends on how you did your test. For example, if your test is done online, the test score report can be received immediately after the exam ends. Paper-based tests take longer to get the report.

You’ll receive your scorecard report once ATI completes the grading process. Nursing centers affiliated with ATI score the test within a day after getting them. The test scores can take up to three days for exams conducted at PSI zones. It is, therefore, paramount to be patient before the test report is out.

The teas score report gives details of each part of the exam. The score data can be seen on top, underneath the personal information. Details provided include the total score, preparedness level, and the sub-section scores on the left.  Candidates can also find out how they performed with other students. This information is found on the right-hand side of the report. The information is presented in a graphical form.

How to Read Your TEAS Test Score Report?

The test score outline share crucial details regarding the overall test scores. To help you understand the report, different scores and dual rankings are issued to compare your performance to that of your competitors. The following datasets can help you analyze your TEAS test score quickly.

  • Adjusted Composite Score; this is the decision score for either fail or pass.
  • Adjusted Subscale Scores; indicate your performance on each subsection.
  • National Mean Score; compares your score to other candidates across the country.
  • Program Mean Score; indicates a medium score for a particular nursing course.
  • National Percentile Rank: indicates the percentage of other candidates who scored below you.
  • Program Percentile Rank: indicates other candidates in the same course who scored below you.

While the percentile score is not a prerequisite for admission to a nursing school, it gives you an idea of how you performed to other candidates.

What Is a Good TEAS Test Score?

Many students with plans to join a nursing school want to know which is a good grade for entering a nursing program. Many schools have different score requirements depending on their competitiveness.  Therefore, you need to check the score requirement for your school of choice. However, many nursing schools deem a score of 70% and above a good grade. For further information on scoring a good teas test, visit Tips For Passing TEAS to have a clear insight of what it takes to have a better TEAS score.

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