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Exam : Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)

Category : TEAS General

Reading Time : 10 minutes

Is the TEAS© Test hard?

Much is at stake, especially when there's a test before starting your dream profession. The TEAS test is a nursing school entrance exam you must pass per the institution's passing mark. If you're wondering, is the TEAS Exam hard? Every exam comes with its level of difficulty. Fortunately, there are easy strategies you can use to make the exam more manageable and help you pass your exams on your first attempt with Naxlex©.

The test has 170 multiple-choice questions, inclusive of 20 sample questions. You have 209 minutes to finish the test.

Here are the topics and what is expected of you:

Reading: this segment assesses how you can grab the key themes and details and how you comprehend different ideas. This section consists of 53 questions you must answer in 64 minutes.

Science: Most students find this section challenging since it tests human physiology, anatomy, physical science, and scientific reasoning skills. There are 53 questions that you should answer in 63 questions.

Mathematics: This section assesses your ability to handle algebra, measurement skills, and data interpretation. You have 54 minutes to solve 36 questions. You can use a four-function calculator, which they provide during this exam.

English: The English exam has 28 questions you tackle in 28 minutes. The questions revolve around standard English, vocabulary acquisition, and language.

Breaking it Down



The nursing profession involves a lot of documentation; therefore, you must show you can read, convey and interpret different documents.

In this section, you will answer 45 questions within 45 minutes. Six questions are samples and won't count toward your score. The questions are available in three categories, namely:

   Craft and structure
   And integration of ideas


In your nursing profession, you need solid math skills since you will work with numerical data daily. You're involved in documenting patients, doing calculations, and administering medicines to the patients.

That's why this section is essential to test your math skills. You have 38 questions to finish within 57 minutes; however, four sums are samples, and they don't contribute to your score. The questions cover the following topics:

   Numbers and algebra
   Measurement and data



To deliver quality patient care, you must understand science well.

For example, you must understand human anatomy. In the science section, you should answer 50 questions in 60 minutes; however, the six questions are samples. You should expect questions from these categories:

   Human physiology and anatomy
   Scientific reasoning


The English language is essential in your nursing career. It will help you communicate clearly with your colleagues and patients. The English sections have 37 questions to finish in 37 minutes. The questions you will find in this category will include:

   Conventions of basic English

   Knowledge of the English language

   The use of vocabulary to portray your ideas in writing.


No, the TEAS Exam is not hard

With the proper preparation before the exam, you can pass it on your first attempt.

Ensure you start your preparation six weeks before the exams, take TEAS practice tests more than once, and you are prepared to do your TEAS Exam.

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Tips for Passing the TEAS Exam

Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) recommends you prepare for the TEAS Exam for at least six weeks to pass the exam. During this preparation, make sure you take the TEAS reading practice test and the practice English TEAS Exam.

Here is guidance on how to study for this TEAS Exam that will help you face exams with confidence:

 •  Start your TEAS preparation six weeks before the exams

 •  Have a consistent studying routine and remain on the track

 •  Ensure you have strong study habits to help you learn effectively

 •  Concentrate on subjects that you find challenging.

 •  Get a copy of TEAS 7 review book

The TEAS practice tests will help familiarize you with what to expect during the real exam and question format. Some universities offer free TEAS practice exams, but you can also take advantage of Naxlex TEAS Practice Exams.

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Time management is crucial because you have limited time to finish the exam. You shouldn't take a long time on one question because the time may lapse before you tackle all questions.

ATI recommends taking several practice tests to help you manage time management challenges. Here are tips on how to successfully do your TEAS practice tests Take the first practice test as an open-book exam without setting the time limit Your second test take it as an open book but with a time limit.

From there, you can do several practice tests as a real test with a time limit.

Although you need to pass your exam, don't strain yourself.

Be prepared within the six weeks, but the night before the exam, resist studying; instead, do something fun, relax, or hang out with your friends.

Or play a fun game like Prognosis - Nursing Game

This can be the hardest part of the TEAS Exam.

In math, you have 38 questions that you must complete in 37 minutes. Math involves numeric properties and algebra—practice solving problems in percentages, ratios, arithmetic, and rational numbers.

You will also encounter questions in unit measurements, statistics, geometry, and data presentations. Ensure you brush up on the United States standard measurements like pounds, feet, and inches.

In this section, you have 50 questions to complete within 60 minutes. Most questions cover human anatomy and physiology.

Study different systems inside the human body, such as immune, skeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, etc. Know how each system functions independently and with other body organs.

This is the shortest section with 37 questions, you must finish within 37 minutes. Most exam takers hurry through this section but make sure you take it with the dedication you had in the previous tests.

In this section, you're supposed to show your English language knowledge and its conventions. The exam tests your ability to use the English language and communication ideas. Your spelling skills will also be tested in this section, so you can review the most misspelled words when studying. Pass your ATI TEAS

You only have 55 minutes to tackle reading section 45 questions. Most questions need you to read the passage and then answer the question. Ensure you read the questions first to understand the information you seek.

This section's passages are in descriptive, expository, and persuasive forms. You must identify unique traits of the writing form.

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