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Exam : Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)

Category : TEAS Reading

Reading Time : 10 minutes

Overview of TEAS© Exam

The TEAS Test has 170 multiple-choice questions from various subjects you're expected to have learned in your secondary education. You have 209 minutes to finish the exam. Each topic has allotted time, where you should complete answering the questions.

Here are the topics and what is expected of you:

Reading: this segment assesses how you can grab the key themes and details and how you comprehend different ideas . This section consists of 53 questions you must answer in 64 minutes.

Science: Most students find this section challenging since it tests human physiology, anatomy, physical science, and scientific reasoning skills. There are 53 questions that you should answer in 63 questions.

Mathematics: This section assesses your ability to handle algebra, measurement skills, and data interpretation. You have 54 minutes to solve 36 questions. You can use a four-function calculator, which they provide during this exam.

English: The English exam has 28 questions you tackle in 28 minutes. The questions revolve around standard English, vocabulary acquisition, and language.

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Have a Plan

Before starting any exam, you should have a plan and easy to anticipate challenges and the best way to tackle them and prepare for your tests.


Study and Understand

Create quality time for your study to ensure you don't cram. Although you want to pass the TEAS on the first attempt, give yourself time to rest.


Invest in the TEAS Practice Test

A TEAS Practice Test will help you see the kind of exams you expect and help you familiarize yourself with the question format. Try one TEAS practice test free with our free trial package.

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TEAS Practice Test FAQs

Before starting any exam, you should ask yourself queries such as:

  • How much time do I have before the test?

  • What subject do I perform the best?

  • Which areas are most challenging?

  • Are there resources available for my TEAS preparation?

  • What other commitments do I have besides the TEAS exam?

To pass your exam, Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) recommends you prepare for about six weeks before starting your TEAS exam. However, if you cannot wait six weeks, space your studying in a few weeks.

Even if you don't have six weeks to prepare, you can set time aside for studying. For example, you can wake up early or sleep late and look at some TEAS Flashcards. Create quality time for your study to ensure you don't cram. Although you want to pass the TEAS on the first attempt, give yourself time to rest.

Time is of the essence when taking the TEAS exam because you have limited time for every section. You shouldn't dwell long on one question if you don't know the answer. When you manage the time, you will have extra time to review your answers and make necessary corrections. Taking several practice tests will help you understand time management issues and how to tackle them. However, you will be informed that when your time is up, it is advisable to carry a watch or sit near a clock to track time during the test.

Although you may want to answer all your questions accurately, you may not know all of them, which may slow you down. Unfortunately, this may cause you to run out of time before finishing your test. If you find challenging questions, don't panic; skip the questions and go to the next you can answer them later to save time. Ensure you answer every question, even if you don't know the correct answer.

Most people get tense in high-stress situations, but don't let go of your gut. Before choosing the multiple questions, answer the query from your head. This will help you narrow down to the correct answer.

• Read: thoroughly research different materials six weeks before the exam; it will save you time during the examination.

• Pay attention to highlighted text in bold italic: the highlight should draw your attention

• The question before the passage: read the question before reading the passage; it will give you a clue on what to focus on when reading.

• Familiarize yourself with human physiology and anatomy: this takes around 30% of the entire section, so don't underrate it.

• Biology and chemistry: master the basics of biology and chemistry like atom structure, DNA structure, etc

• Review the periodic table: revisit it if you have forgotten about it.

• Review parts of speech: ensure you have familiarized yourself with verbs, nouns, pronouns, and conjunctions and how to use them correctly.

• Check spelling, punctuation, and capitalization: be careful with these rules; the mistakes may look small but are very important.

• Familiarize with word structure: ensure you learn the meaning of prefixes and suffixes.