Kaplan entrance test prep is an evaluation test used to assess your suitability to join a nursing program. The trial, also known as Kaplan Admissions Test, is used by various nursing schools to examine your writing, reading, math, and science knowledge. Only applicants who pass the recommended nursing prep tests join nursing college.

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How to Prepare for Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam?

A nursing entrance exam pass is a prerequisite for admission to many nursing institutions. Therefore, using the best study procedures and study guides to excel in nursing test prep is crucial.

kaplan entrance test and prep questions

The following are some of the best tips to help you boost your chance of passing the Kaplan nursing entrance exam.

1. Know What to Expect

One of the most critical components to aid your Kaplan entrance prep pass is knowing the type of questions that will be examined. The test will review the content in the following sections; Reading comprehension, science, math, and writing. The number of questions tested is 91, while the time allocated for the exam is 165 or two hours and forty-five minutes.

Each section has a specific time allocation and sets questions; for instance, reading comprehension consists of 22 items which should be answered within 45 minutes, science constitutes 20 questions with 30 minutes’ time allocation, math has 28 items for 45 minutes, while the composition of Writing is 21 questions with 45 minutes’ time allotment.

2. Identify Your Weak Areas

Some concepts will be easier than others. Identify the challenging areas and focus more time on that section. To help you identify your weak areas, you can view Tested Subjects on TEAS to find the subjects that might be challenging. Once you recognize your weak areas, look for relevant study materials to help you fill the gap.

3. Identify Correct Study Resources

Each area will comprise several topics and subjects you must study to pass your exam. The following are some of the zones that you need to focus on;

  • Reading Comprehension : The concepts tested in this section include; purpose identification, details comprehension, making inferences, and use of vocabulary.
  • The Science : The science section evaluates several topics of biological significance, including; body defense, circulatory system, respiratory tract, and digestive system.
  • Math : The math section of Kaplan test prep explores various mathematical problems such as; proportions, fractions, ratios, digits, and decimals. As you prepare for the exam, familiarize yourself with; fractions, decimals, and percentages. These are some of the commonly tested concepts in the math section.
  • Writing : The writing segment assesses the following points; punctuation, grammar, writing skills, sentence structure, and syntax.

4. Use Prep Courses

Various service providers offer prep courses to nursing applicants who wish to prepare for nursing admission tests. The prep courses provide skills that can be applied across multiple nursing tests, including the Kaplan entrance test. The classes are flexible, and you can learn at your own pace anytime. You can access complimentary study materials such as; videos, practice examinations, and tests.

5. Utilize Flashcards

Flashcards can be vital resources to assist you in excelling in the nursing admission test. You can create individual index cards to develop flashcards. Access to digital flashcards created by other users can also help you in Kaplan entrance test prep.

6. Seek School Help

Some nursing schools may offer prep support to prospective applicants. Do some research regarding the school you wish to join and find out whether they provide prep assistance to the applicants.

7. Use Practice Questions

There are many practice questions you can utilize for your nursing test preparation. The practice questions provide extensive analysis of the answers to give you a picture of what the exam will look like. Practice questions can be found in all areas of study, including; Reading comprehension, science, math, and Writing. As you study, you can practice general Writing and reading to improve those skills.

8. Consider Timed Practice Tests

Some of the best test resources to use are the timed practice questions. Timed practice questions will give a feel of the real exam and help you gain the comfort and confidence you need in an exam setting.

Kaplan Practice Questions Vs. Naxlex Test Questions

One similarity between Kaplan practice questions and Naxlex practice questions is the timing of the test. The practice questions are timed to give the applicant a feel of the exam.

The timing gives you the comfort and confidence you need during exam day. However, Naxlex provides a full 209-minute timed assessment, the only one of its kind. Both tests examine common subjects, including; reading, science, and math

Naxlex’s Test Value-Added Benefits

Besides the timed practice questions, the , Naxlex test offers more value-added benefits to help you achieve your desired score in the coming nursing test exam. Some of the top benefits you can experience through the practice test questions include the following;

1. Risk-Free

One of the most significant advantages of Naxlex practice questions is its risk-free component. You lose nothing if you use the service and fail the exam. You’ll receive your full money back. Besides, if you score 90% on the practice questions, rest assured to achieve a similar grade in your exam. Naxlex offers a pass rate with a 90% guarantee once you go through the service.

2. Multitude of Questions

Naxlex Practice Test allows you to explore numerous questions in all the examinable topics; For example, you will get 200 math questions, 200 reading items, 120 language questions, and 200 science questions. The professional setup of the questions will give you the knowledge to face your nursing entrance test. Interestingly, 90% of the questions mimic the questions you’ll be doing on your test.

3. Live Tutoring

If you need personalized support in your entrance exam preparation, Naxlex is your destination of choice. There are fully customized live tutoring lessons to meet your individual goals. The goal is to give you the best prep support.

Math teas test is an essential exam component for nursing students joining undergraduate courses. It’s an essential skill set that helps nurses to prescribe doses to their clients. Therefore, competency in the teas math section is critical.

Students will be examined on several topics, such as; arithmetic, measurements, interpretation of graphs, and introductory algebra. TEAS math practice tests are crucial in preparing students for the test.

The nursing entrance exam is a critical part of your application process. You’ll only get your admission offer if you pass the test. One of the most excellent tools you can use to pass your exam on your first attempt is the Naxlex Practice Questions. To achieve the score that you deserve, subscribe to the test today.

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