The Kaplan TEAS test is a screening test nursing schools use to test the students reading, math, writing, and science skills before admission. The Kaplan is just one of the components most nursing schools use while evaluating student applications. You must pass the Kaplan TEAS test to get admission into a nursing program or school. The test helps in predicting your ability to succeed in school.

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Kaplan TEAS Practice Test Sections

The Kaplan TEAS practice test is divided into four sections that you must complete in two hours and forty minutes. The sections include:

  • Reading
  • Math
  • Writing


In the reading section, you will have four passages to read and answer up to 22 questions. The passages vary but always contain historical themes, nature, and science. The questions will test your reading skills in the following areas:

  • Comprehensive details
  • Determining passage logic
  • Identifying the passage's purpose
  • Drawing back inferences

Before you answer any question, it is essential that you take your time and read through the questions and passages. The examiners will, in most cases, provide two partially correct or plausible answers. You must choose the best answer instead of just an acceptable one. You will have two minutes to answer a question which is enough for you to take your time and understand the question.


The math section comprises 28 questions ranging from basic arithmetic to algebra. The questions are in either basic equations or word problems. You will apply different mathematical principles in the following areas:

  • Basic operations: 4 basic operations with fractions, whole numbers, and decimals
  • Unit Conversions: Metric and imperial units, length, volume, weight, and temperature.
  • Advanced operations: Ratios and percentages
  • Word problems

It is optional that you work out the exact answer. In most cases, you will have to do away with multiple-choice options and use estimation in answering questions fast before proceeding to the next item.


The writing section comprises 21 questions. Although you do not have to write, you must read nine passages and answer the questions. The section measures your writing skills in the following areas:

  • Assessing paragraph logic
  • Assessing passage development
  • Assessing writing mechanics

You will eliminate the answers you think are wrong before choosing the answer you think best reflects the question.


The science section focuses on the student's knowledge of physiology. You will answer 20 questions covering the following areas:

  • Neurology
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Sensory system
  • Immune system
  • Electrolytes
  • Renal system

Science questions do not require any form of tricks. It is either you know the answer or you do not. To pass this section, you must study from online tutorials, read relevant textbooks, and do practice tests. Ensure you know the relevant topics you must study to avoid exhausting yourself on topics that will not be on the test.

Kaplan TEAS Test Preparation Strategies

kaplan tease practice test

To pass your Kaplan TEAS exam , you need to prepare well. Kaplan offers a study guide that includes lessons, practice tests, diagnostic exams, and other useful information to guide you when preparing for the TEAS exam.

Here are important strategies that will enable you to prepare well for your Kaplan TEAS test:

Identify Your Weaknesses and Strengths

Find the challenging test sections and spend more time on the topics. Instead of trusting your gut, determine your strengths and take a diagnostic test. The diagnostic test results will help you focus on the study areas. For example, if you struggle with math and perform well in writing, there is no need to dedicate long study periods to writing. Taking diagnostic tests will help reduce day anxiety, ensuring you have a great understanding of the skillset.

After figuring out your areas of weakness, devise a study plan on how to strengthen those areas you find challenging. Create measurable goals to monitor your progress.

Always Stay Positive

With time, you will discover areas where you are not recording the improvement you want. You need to remain positive. Do not throw in the towel. Instead, look for the root cause of your mistakes and allocate more time to overcome mistakes. Ensure you do not worry much. Focus on how you can get high scores on your Kaplan TEAS test.

Practice Answering Multiple Choice Questions

Although some students may consider it a waste of time, practicing answering multiple choice questions will give you confidence in getting through the questions fast. Since all the questions in the Kaplan TEAS test are multiple-choice, you will always be ahead of the rest who want to score high and get admission to nursing school.

You will have to learn how to eliminate the options and make guesses. You will also learn to pace yourself to ensure you complete the exam within the set time limit. Read through different study guides and tutorials to help familiarize you with the questions.

Practice Kaplan Test Simulations

As you approach the test day, doing lots of simulations on the actual test becomes more important. Taking many practice TEAS tests will help build your confidence levels and get to understand the time constraints you will be facing in every section.

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