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Most Trusted TEAS TEST Prep With a Guaranteed Pass of 90%.

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We are committed to providing students with only the best questions and explanations. That's why over a million nurses have trusted us for their nursing entrance exam preparation. And now, you will have the option to study using our practice questions for the TEAS TEST. Our practice questions include the same hallmark features that have helped so many nurses be accepted to top colleges all over the United States 100% relevant content, vivid imagery and illustrations, and in-depth explanations for correct and incorrect answers.

Written and prepared by tutors who have taken the exam before. With the assurance that questions you will get from taking our practice, you will get a grasp of the actual exam.

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Our practice materials are meticulously crafted and curated by seasoned tutors who have successfully conquered the exam themselves. As you immerse yourself in our practice sessions, rest assured that you'll be equipped with an invaluable understanding of the actual exam's intricacies. Experience the confidence that comes from tackling questions and scenarios similar to those found in the real HESI exam, and embark on your journey towards nursing excellence with Naxlex by your side.

Written and prepared by tutors who have taken the exam before. With the assurance that questions you will get from taking our practice, you will get a grasp of the actual exam.

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At Naxlex, we are committed to providing students with unrivaled excellence in nursing exam preparation. With a steadfast dedication to quality, we strive to offer students top-tier questions and comprehensive explanations. Over a million nurses have trusted us for their nursing entrance exam preparation, benefiting from our trusted resources. Our practice questions encompass the hallmark features that have propelled countless nurses into top colleges across the United States. Expect 100% relevant content, enriched with vivid imagery, illustrations, and detailed explanations for both correct and incorrect answers.

Written and prepared by tutors who have taken the exam before. With the assurance that questions you will get from taking our practice, you will get a grasp of the actual exam.

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Our practice questions and study guides come with a 90 similarity index to the actual exam with a guaranteed money back if you score less than 80% if you pass all our practice questions

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The HESI Exit Exam holds a significant position in nursing education. Its multifaceted role encompasses evaluating students' preparedness for graduation, forecasting success in the NCLEX licensure exam, and illuminating personal strengths and weaknesses. The exam's outcomes are invaluable as they inform curriculum enhancement, guaranteeing the delivery of high-quality nursing education, and equipping future nurses with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their careers.


ATI Exit Exams are standardized assessments used in nursing education to evaluate a student's readiness to graduate. Developed by the Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI), these exams assess students' nursing knowledge and clinical reasoning. The results help determine if students meet the program's requirements and are prepared for the NCLEX licensure exam. ATI Exit Exams are valuable tools for nursing schools to ensure their graduates are well-equipped to excel in their nursing careers.

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I am Shinta, from India lives in TEXAS. I took the subscription for a month, and passed the exam at the first time 92% These classes are excellent and helped me very much. NAXLEX explained the logical reasoning behind the questions every time.



I took my TEAS on 3/30/23 and I want to say, thanks to Naxlex I can proudly say I am in the program. Naxlex is the truth and if it wasn't for this program and GOD I don't believe I would have passed. Thank you for all you do to make this process so easy to understand.


J Brownen

Many thanks to Naxlex, the questions on this platform were 90% similar only a few figures changed. I improved my score from 48% to 88% on the second attempt. Very grateful for their resources


Katherine Amy

I thank Naxlex and his team for the amazing job they did putting the content and this program together. If it wasn't for Naxlex I dont think I would have passed the TEAS TEST. Thank you very much.


Maria Gee

I just passed my TEAS ...Thank you Naxlex, your content was such a big help for me! Im beyond grateful. i subscribe to Naxlex for one month with life tutoring , took two three self assessment designed Read more...

same style and same amount of time, oh and the questions were almost similar to actual exam and now passed with 89% ! thank you so much! i highly recommend naxlex to all my friends and colleagues who will take TEAS to subscribe, I told them that its very affordable yet quality and VERY HELPFUL.


Jona Kelie