What Happens When You Fail TEAS Test ? It may seem like a speed bump on your dream of joining a nursing school, but you can be sure you are never alone. Nearly 40% of students fail to pass the TEAS test on the first attempt! Life does tend to throw a wrench into your plans. Today's wrench is the TEAS Test. A low TEAS score does not mean you are out of luck. Here, we will share tips to help you back up and rock the exam on your next attempt.

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Important Things to Know About Retaking TEAS Exam

For many students who fail TEAS Test, their obvious move is to take the test again, hoping to score high. Here are important things you should know about retaking the TEAS Test.

You can recover

The TEAS Test is high stakes since it is a big component in getting admission into a nursing school or health program. However, it is never a single all-or-nothing opportunity! If you can pay for the test, you can always retake the exam after you fail TEAS Test .You can close the gap on subsequent tries with the right effort.

It is not unheard of for students to fall short on their first attempt but recover with high scores on the subsequent tries. Some students make a 15-point improvement but find it tougher after getting the points.

There is a wealth of Study Materials to Use for the Preparation

Some students do not prepare well for their first TEAS Test, thinking they will have it in the bag.Moreover, they think they do not need extensive preparations and can just show up and pass the TEAS Test.For this reason,they end up to fail TEAS Test.

It is good to know that when you fail TEAS Test,It is not the end of the world. Their is always a room for improvement. The good thing is the remedy for all this is at your fingertips. There are several study materials you can always use to prepare for your TEAS Test, including:

TEAS Test preparation books from your local library

You will also have to consider paying for the TEAS Test preparation materials. ATI offers different options that can be of great help.

Helps You Know Your Weaknesses

Although it can be discouraging to achieve the score you want on the first try, the good thing is that you will know what to expect. The challenge of doing the TEAS Test for the first time is that you are unaware of your weak areas. On the retake, you will better understand the areas you should focus on and how to plan for your studies.

Several effective study and testing strategies guides help you improve on the challenging TEAS Test topics. These will ensure you prepare well for the second attempt.

What Options Do You Have After Failing Short?


Failing to achieve your goals will never bring a great feeling. If you did your best but still did not attain the passing score , it is important to know what options you have moving forward.

Keep Trying

When you have your heart set on a particular program, you will always have the option of returning and having another try. There are a variety of circumstances that may have made it difficult for you to achieve a satisfactory score. You can overcome most of these circumstances over time. You can consider putting your education plans on hold as you focus on studying and getting up to speed.

While you can do several retakes to force a passing score in your TEAS exam , you may find the road ahead in that program to be rocky. The main objective of the Teax Exam is not to create a barrier but to evaluate candidates before they get admission to a nursing school.

If you get to a point where you feel unsure about the road ahead, you should take some time and re-evaluate. You need to consider the road ahead, not just pass the TEAS Exam. You can opt to try other different programs as several options worth looking at do not require the TEAS Test score. For example, you can still impact the patients as a pharmacy technician or a medical assistant.

Furthermore, some programs and offerings allow you to complete your foundational coursework before focusing on specializing in an educational track. Seeking help from a professional advisor is important. The advisor will walk you through the options you have.

Move On

Although it is clear furthering your education is a transformative and noble move, there is no shame in moving on. If you feel no interest in pursuing another program, you can always move on. Keep in mind moving on is not permanent. Later on, if you feel ready to make a change, the education path is always open.

Plan Your Next Step

Failing to pass your TEAS Exam should not be the end of the road for you. You can improve your scores by committing yourself to extensive TEAS Test preparation. There are also other healthcare programs you can find appealing.

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