What Does the Teas Exam Consist of?
Naxlex Blog TEAS Practice Test What Is On The TEAS Test?

What Is On The TEAS Test?

What Does the Teas Exam Consist of?

What Is On The TEAS Test? There are usually four content areas on the teas exam: English & language usage, math, science, and reading. The teas exam consists of 170 questions evaluated within 209 minutes. The teas exam aims to assess the suitability of each applicant interested
in a nursing course or other health science-related program.

The exam can be challenging for students who need to prepare. A reason why 40% of the candidates sitting for the test will fail in their first trial. However, with Naxlex, you can pass the exam with an exciting 90% score. Naxlex test prep prepares you critically in the four content areas of the teas exam. Pass the teas exam in your first sitting using the Naxlex test.

What Is On The TEAS Test – Content of TEAS Exam

The teas test covers four crucial topics applicable to nursing and the wider health sciences field. Each of the significant issues further explores sub-sectional concepts related to the main topic. The following gives a concise guide to help you prepare for the exam correctly.

  1. Topics Covered in Reading
    The reading section of the teas 7 exam consists of three vital sub-sections; consolidation of knowledge & concepts, craft & structure, and basic ideas & details. The reading comprises 45 items with a time allocation of 55 minutes. 
  2. Topics Covered in Math
    Math is one of the hardest sections of the teas, based on the time required to answer each question. The section consists of the following sub-topics; numbers & algebra and measurement & data. Thirty-eight questions are examined from this content area within a 57 minutes’ time limit.
  3. Topics Covered in Science
    The science content consists of 50 exam items with a one-hour time allocation. The questions evaluate students’ ability from the following aspects; body anatomy & physiology, biology, scientific reasoning, and chemistry.
  4. Topics Covered in English & Language Usage
    Questions from this content piece assess the applicant’s ability from three sub-sections; understanding of the knowledge, expressing ideas in writing, and conventions of quality English. A total of 37 questions are used to evaluate your suitability within 37 minutes.

What Sections of the Teas Can You Take?

As mentioned earlier, the teas exam tests four sections. Each of the sections is used for grading your composite score. Therefore, you need to take all the areas of the TEAS exam for a complete assessment of your score. 

What Does the Teas Exam Consist of?

Endeavour to respond to all questions regardless of how difficult they may be. There is no penalty for incorrect responses. The more questions you answer, the greater your chance of achieving a better grade toward your admission goals.

How Do I Study for The TEAS Exam?

Now that you know that the teas exam consists of four crucial sections, how do you study for the teas assessment? Adequate preparation is the secret to excellent scores concerning the teas exam. The following are some guidelines that can help you prepare
adequately for the teas exam;

1. Preview the Test

How can you preview the test, you ask? Teas practice questions are great tools to learn what to expect from the exam. A good exercise question uses similar questions as you will face in the exam. Naxlex test prep provides test questions that mimic the exam with 99% precision. If you want to pass the exam hassle-free, utilize Naxlex.

2. Get Proper Study Guides

Before using the practice questions, you must go through the content of the teas in advance. Several learning resources including; printed study guides, ebooks, online courses, and flashcards can give you the support you need to prepare for the exam effectively.

3. Study Responsibly

Only immerse yourself in study rooms with breaks. Continuous learning can overwhelm your mental wellness. Choose to comprehend the content rather than cramming it. Create some time for fun in the middle of the learning timetable

4. Plan your Study

Effective planning is at the core of every achievement. It is necessary to set adequate time for teas preparation each day. You also need to set aside certain days to cover specific topics of the teas content. For instance, you can plan from 6 pm to 9 pm. You’ll be covering certain concepts as guided by your teas study plan.

5. Seek Live Support

Personalized guidance can be an essential support for addressing your weaker areas. The teas practice test can generate your more vulnerable points. You can use the report to guide your learning in those areas. The live support offered by Naxlex can simplify the content you find challenging.


The teas exam consists of four major examinable content pieces; including English & language usage, science, math, and reading. There are 170 questions tested within 209 minutes. On average, you have one minute to respond to each question, a reason why you must be prepared for the test to achieve the desired score.

Naxlex provides an excellent platform for any applicant desiring to pass the teas exam in the first endeavour. The test offers exercise questions that predict the exam at 90% accuracy. Achieve a 90% pass rate without struggle. Utilize the Naxlex test.

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