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Can You Use a Calculator on the HESI?

hesi calculator

Nursing schools use Health Systems, Inc. (HESI) as part of their admission process. While some schools use HESI A2 for their nursing program applicants, some require their students to apply to health science programs. Common health science areas are radiologic technology, diagnostic medical sonography, nursing, and surgical technology to take HESI A2 variations. This article will answer the question; can you use a calculator on the HESI?

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Can You Use a Calculator on the HESI?

Yes, you can always use a calculator on your HESI exam. However, you must note that you cannot come in with your computer. A built-in on-screen calculator will always be available to you during the entire duration of your HESI exam. 

What is an On-Screen Calculator on HESI Exam?

The on-screen calculator is a specially designed calculator that candidates have access to during the HESI examinations to help them with calculations. It is important that aspiring nurses preparing for HESI exams practice with this calculator when doing the practice tests. Using this online calculator will help familiarize themselves which will ensure they have an easier time during actual exam tests. 

The calculator HESI candidates will use will help in ensuring the results a candidate obtains is close to the actual value. 

Features of On-Screen Calculator on HESI 

Some of the important features of the on-screen calculator students will use during their HESI exam are listed below. These features will help candidates learn some of the basics about the calculator they will be using. 

  • You will access the calculator from your computer screen at the testing center. In case you are unable to view it, you can inform your proctor to help you out. 
  • The calculator has simple operations or number keys available. 
  • There are very few complex operation and scientific function keys available on the calculator. 

When Is It Advisable To Use the On-Screen Calculator During Your HESI Exam?

 First, many HESI exam problems do not require the use of a calculator. In fact, relying too much on the on-screen calculator can as well slow you down. The math questions on the HESI exam are basic math hence the on-screen calculator does not have many complex functions. However, you can always count on the calculator since it will not make careless errors unless you enter a wrong figure. 

There are times when the question is too difficult to solve on paper while the question requires an exact answer and not an approximation. In such cases, you can always use the on-screen calculator to help you find the exact answer. 

It is advisable to know what you can handle with the on-screen calculator during your HESI exam and what you cannot. In most cases, the main challenge is not the math but the approach you will take to solve the problem.

HESI Testing Requirements 

The number of HESI tests most post-secondary institutions will require aspiring nurses to take ranges from four to nine. 

They are Reading Comprehension, Basic Math Skills, Grammar and Vocabulary, and General Knowledge tests.

In most cases, the learning style and personality profile exams are unnecessary. Some schools will ask applicants to do the exams to help them understand the learning styles that suit them well. However, the schools will not use the results from learning style and personality profile exams as part of the admission process. 

Due to the differences in the number of tests various post-secondary institutions use, aspiring nurses should review particular HESI requirements from the schools they intend to get admission. However, testing requirements can differ depending on the program you intend to undertake. 

What Can I Bring During the HESI Exam?

During the HESI examination day, you must prove to the proctor your true identity by availing of your government-issued identity cards like a passport, driver’s license, and state-issued ID or SLCC one card. The name on the ID will have to match the name on the Evolve account and the appointment letter. 

The testing center will always provide you with a calculator and other items you will use for the test. It is impossible to bring your personal items like your calculator, cell phone, books, or notes into the exam room. The testing center always has lockers where you can put all your items when taking the exam. 

Important Tips for Effective Usage of Calculator During HESI Exam

When not keen, relying too much on the calculator can slow you down denying you a chance to attempt all the questions within the set time. Here are essential tips to use the on-screen calculator during your HESI exam to ensure you get the right results. 

  • Ensure you always press (C) before you start any calculation. 
  • Opt for predefined operators like a log for faster calculations. 
  • For complex operators, always put brackets to avoid wrong calculations. 

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