Naxlex Blog TEAS Practice Test What Was On the ATI Maternal Newborn Proctored Exam?

What Was On the ATI Maternal Newborn Proctored Exam?

Every student wishes to pass their ATI Maternal Newborn exam on their first attempt. However, the exam is quite challenging.  For one to pass on their first attempt, they need to prepare well and understand what they will be tested on. To increase your chances of passing the exam, we look at what was on the ATI Maternal Newborn proctored exam. 

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What Was On the ATI Maternal Newborn Proctored Exam?

The ATI Maternal Newborn Exam comprises 175 multiple-choice questions. However, 25 questions are unscored.

Test takers will have a time limit of 3 hours to answer all the questions. In most cases, the unscored questions are also referred to as the pretest questions. Test administrators use them to validate questions for future examinations. 

ATI Maternal Newborn Exam questions are split into five different content areas:

Pregnancy and Birth Risk Factors and Complications

This section covers 7% of the exam. It covers antenatal factors like obstetrical history, maternal health status, infertility, cultural/ psychosocial issues, fetal assessment, and antepartum complications

It also covers Intrapartal factors like medications and labor complications, cord gases, delivery methods, fetal heart rate patterns, and abnormalities. 

Maternal Postpartum Education, Management, and Assessment

This section covers 26% of the exam. Test takers will answer questions on physiological changes, physical assessments, nursing care, education, and laboratory values regarding common problems and complications

In addition, they will also encounter questions on newborn feeding and lactation, maternal complications like thrombophlebitis, postpartum infections, and hemorrhaging.

Newborn Assessment and Management 


This section covers 19% of the exam contents. The exam takers will encounter questions on the transition to extrauterine life. They will also answer questions on physical assessments like sensory assessment, neurobehavioral and gestational age assessment

They will also be asked about family education and nursing care regarding newborns, feeding, safety, cord care, and circumcision. 

Maternal Postpartum Complications 

This section comprises 24% of the questions in the exam. Here, exam takers will answer questions on complications in systems topics such as infections, hematologic, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. 

Newborn Complications 

The newborn complication section comprises 24% of the exam contents. Here, candidates will answer questions on complications in systems. 

They will also answer questions on other areas like gastrointestinal, respiratory, metabolic, genetic, infectious disease, endocrine and neurological.

When and Where to Take ATI Maternal Newborn Exam 

After approval of your application to sit for the ATI Maternal Newborn Exam, you will receive an eligibility letter. The letter will comprise instructions and the exam schedule. Also, they send emails twice a month. In most cases, they will send the email a day before you sit for your exam. 

Students will always have a 90-day window to plan and take the examination. Any person who wants to do the ATI Maternal Newborn exam should register early due to the few spaces. The spaces are always filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

The ATI Maternal Newborn Proctored Exam Passing Score 

There is never a minimum score requirement, and students will not be able to see the precise score they receive on the Test. Although a lack of concrete information can sometimes be quite disappointing, students are always encouraged to focus on doing their best. 

Despite not receiving an exact score, you will always receive a preliminary notice after completing the examination. The notice will inform you whether you passed or failed.

You can schedule the next appointment at the testing center if you did not pass and need a retake. However, the next meeting has to be at least 90 days after the first attempt. 

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